Goodbye Deborah #SnipSun


My story, Prodigal Moon, was selected to appear in the Wayward and Upward anthology from Off Topic Press, a small Canadian publisher. Details follow below.

Genre: Paranormal, Supernatural, Vampires

Length: Short Story

Heat Level: 1 Flame (suggestions of romance)

A young man makes a new friend who is much older than she appears to be.

You can read the previous snippet here.

Intan confirmed the presence of an adolescent girl with long blonde hair clad in old-fashioned clothes. Mostly the young woman spoke in a dreamy voice about a swarthy, elflike young man who was ever so pretty despite his sharp canine teeth and so kind despite his burning red eyes and the fact that he drank a little of her blood. As she touched the puncture wounds on her neck, she reassured the police that the sweet lad who looked like a Bollywood prince hadn't harmed her and was coming back for her because they were in love. 

When asked what happened to Pastor and Mrs. Hooker, Intan murmured that the object of her affections and his sweet little sister had tried to stop their father and brother, but the patriarch and eldest son latched onto the throats of their victims, gorging on their blood until they turned white. 

Deborah came by Valentins's house the night the family departed, promising that she'd return someday. 

"You're the bee's knees, Val," she declared, embracing him. 

Like everyone else in Laney, Valentins believed that Dino Virgo and his eldest son, Otto, were psychopaths, while Deb and her brother Nasim were innocent but brainwashed to believe that they were vampires. Valentins quickly tired of intimations made by his fellow students and even a handful of teachers at Liberty Academy that he and Deborah had been a couple. Deborah was undeniably beautiful, but she wasn't Valentins's girlfriend. She was his best friend and the best thing to ever happen to Laney, Massachusetts, and when she left the world lost its color.

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