You Know Your Onions #RainbowSnippets


My story, Prodigal Moon, was selected to appear in the Wayward and Upward anthology from Off Topic Press, a small Canadian publisher. Details follow below.

Genre: Paranormal, Supernatural, Vampires

Length: Short Story

Heat Level: 1 Flame (suggestions of romance)

A young man makes a new friend who is much older than she appears to be.

You can read the previous snippet here.

"I wouldn't mind being home-schooled, but I'd have to teach myself." 

"I bet you could teach yourself. You know your onions, I can tell!" 

"You talk funny, Deb, but I think it's neat. I'm glad you came over. I think it will be cool to work on the haunted house together."

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Order the ebook for 5.99 CAD or the print book for 25 CAD.

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Rainbow Snippets is a group for sharing works either by LGBT authors and/or featuring LGBT characters. Share six sentences, one for each color of the original pride flag. All genres and heat levels are welcome. The group has a welcoming, casual vibe. 

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