Readers Roost: The Story of Wobbly Willie Cranford Review and Giv...

Readers Roost: The Story of Wobbly Willie Cranford Review and Giv...:   The Story of Wobbly Willie Cranford Wobbly Willie Kindness Collection Book 1 by Richard Quisenberry Genre: Children's Picture Book Whe...

This delightful children's book was written with the hope of showing that treating others kindly, regardless of how different they may be, can lead to a happier world. Wobbly Willie is different, but everyone loves him just as he is, and that makes all the difference!

As someone who was mercilessly bullied throughout my school years, I have often wondered how my life might have been different if only I had been treated kindly. Would I be as happy as Willie? Would I have been successful? There's no way I can know. But if this book can help change kids' minds about being cruel to their peers, then it will have done a vital and perhaps life-saving job.

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  1. How I wish that it wasn't only children who needed/will benefit from this book.
    A celebration of diversity would be a wonderful thing. A wonderful, wonderful thing.


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