Nothing to Fear Weekend Writing Warriors 18 October 2020

The Blurb
The fate of the Cosmos rests in the hands of an unlikely team of unusual friends. Will an exiled member of an ancient extraterrestrial race, a human ghost, and two ghouls be able to outfox an ancient evil and beat Nyarlathotep at his game before time runs out? This buddy story is the first in a series of New Cthulhu Mythos cliffhangers.

The Notes
Last time, Little John and Yitzy discussed Yitzy's opinions about working with the Undead.

The Snippet 

“Do your kind ever become ghouls or vampires or ghosties?”

“Not that I have noticed. Ours is a hive species, although I am a renegade. I imagine that upon the death of this form, my personality will take flight. But whether it will transfer to another corporeal form or will move to another plane of existence, I know not.”

“Just so’s you know, Guv’ner, you ain’t no need to be afeared of me or even of Robin. We ain’t keen to eat livin’ things, only dead ones that’s been rotting a bit.”

“Oh, I did not sense any danger from your presence, Little John. I am enjoying our conversation.”

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for saying so.
      The case of the Disappearing Post is resolved!
      I'd forgotten to link up with the blog hop last week, so I rescheduled it for this week.

  2. Interesting look at all the types of undead. Many don't seem scary at all.

  3. Love the insightful details. Of course, the discussion didn't say whether Little John might ever help the process along a bit :)

  4. A fantastical world you've created, Cie. I enjoy the explanations woven into dialogue. :-)

    Bo post from me this week. I was away last week. Still trying to catch up.

  5. Yes, they do seem to be relishing their conversation, which is nice! Enjoyed the snippet...

  6. Oh, good to know he only eats dead, rotting things. I appreciate that quality in a friend.

  7. He really has a great way of being reassuring: "We ain’t keen to eat livin’ things, only dead ones that’s been rotting a bit." I don't know about you, but I feel a lot better . . . NOT!

  8. I'm enjoying the conversation too!

  9. Oh, interesting concept with the personalities taking flight. I like that.

  10. I love Little John. Those lines really captured him.


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