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Weekend Writing Warriors 18 August 2019 (ER, FA, LGBT, PA)

Weekend Writing Warriors
Tiffany came to near a deciduous tree. She realized that it must be late summer or early autumn wherever she was, because the tree’s leaves were starting to turn. After a moment’s contemplation of her surroundings, she quickly assessed herself. She appeared to be unharmed. She could move everything, and there was no pain in her head, neck, or her abdomen. She hoped that her apparent lack of injury indicated that her unborn child was unharmed.
The young werewolf hybrid glanced around nervously, wondering if she was alone. She was relieved when she saw Ka pushing herself into a seated position beside a mossy tree. Tiffany hoped that her beloved was uninjured.
“Ka!” Tiffany called, hurrying to the fox maiden’s side.
~Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press~
Notes: This snippet might be accurately entitled "Oops, I Did It Again."  Yes, I did publish another snippet for this round of WeWriWa, but that particular WIP lends itself perfectly to being a NaNoWriMo pro…

Weekend Writing Warriors 18 August 2019 (ER, FA, LGBT, RO)

Weekend Writing Warriors
With a roaring explosion, Base Lust-69 fractured into pieces as the erupting volcano spewed lava. Christy was enclosed in a protective bubble generated by the Djinn Queen Eja and the fairies Larissa and Rune. She held hands with her werewolf friend Tiffany and their new companion Ka, a fox maiden.
The bubble was thrown from the volcano and bounced along the ashy ground as burning projectiles of molten rock slammed against it, sending it rolling in first one direction and then another. Christy, Ka, and Tiffany huddled together, trying not to scream. Then, one of the flying projectiles struck the bubble, slamming it into one of the wormholes which had formed when Mistress Nyx struck the black button on the Xcargon drive responsible for powering the base.
The bubble burst open inside the wormhole, which branched off in three directions. Queen Ece, Larissa, and Rune were drawn down the central path, Ka and Tiffany were drawn down the right-hand path, and Christy …

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Weekend Writing Warriors 11 August 2019 (ER, LGBT, RO, SF)

Weekend Writing Warriors
“Well, bring them in here,” the woman ordered with a pronounced Russian accent. “We see what is going on. Your companion is injured. Place her in healing pod and I will examine. I am Director Oxania, chief technical commander of Station Cyberia. This new upgraded model is Prisca. Ru, please join us and meet our guests.”
A slender, unfinished cyborg with shoulder-length hair the same color as Director Oxania’s strode into the room. Many parts of her body, including half of her face, showed her computerized and mechanical components.
~Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press~
Notes: Rhodie, Samantha, and the gargoyles Elsza and Irejna have been rescued by the inhabitants of the planetoid Cyberia and brought to St. Jane's Infirmary, which is run by Director Oxania Ivanova and her mononymous assistant Povantha, who are operatives from a secret Soviet science program. Both women were active during the Cold War but appear to be no older than their mid-thirties.

By the way…

Weekend Writing Warriors 4 August 2019 (ER, LGBT, RO, SF)

Weekend Writing Warriors
“Not on my watch!” Rhodie retorted. “Samantha, you listen to me! We’re going to find Ulrich and get back to our own place and time. You can’t give up! If you die, Ulrich will die too. You know that I swore to protect you back when you rescued me from Manzanar. I’m not giving up on you, Samantha. Don’t you dare give up on me! You have to let me at least try and do my job!” ~Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press~
Notes: At the end of Paraji's Prisoners, Base Lust-69 was shattered into pieces when the volcano it had been built in erupted. The various personnel and prisoners at the base ended up being thrown through wormholes which formed when the base exploded. Samantha Zuniga, a Gamma Iridian, was separated from her mate Ulrich von Brandt.  Gamma Iridians reproduce in the same manner as amoebas, and Ulrich was formed shortly after the pod carrying the Gamma Iridian who would become known as Samantha landed in Bavaria in 1918. They see themselves as two parts of th…

Weekend Writing Warriors 28 July 2019 (ER, LGBT, RO, SF)

Weekend Writing Warriors
“I’m Ipatiy,” the cyborg introduced herself. “This is Csilla. Please, let us help your friend.”
“I…my given name is Ipatiy, but I go by Rhodie,” Rhodie explained, wondering if she had struck her head and was imagining the whole bizarre situation.
“Please don’t be afraid,” Ipatiy soothed, gently touching Rhodie’s arm. “I assume that I must have been cloned using your DNA. I mean you no harm. I want to help you. Bring your friend and follow us.”
The gigantic Irejna scooped Samantha up in her arms and cradled her against her breast.
~Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press~
Notes: When the volcano which Base Lust-69 was situated in erupted at the end of Paraji's Prisoners, our heroes and heroines found themselves drawn through wormholes to various other locations in space and time. Norman and Sarah are in one location on a strange earthlike planet. Climax Castle's Mistress Samantha Zuniga (a Gamma Iridian), her bodyguard Ipatiy "Rhodie" Rhodes (a 100-ye…