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Weekend Writing Warriors 15 September 2019 (ER, FA, LGBT, SF)

Weekend Writing Warriors

“Just the same, I was hoping perhaps we could hurry into that kind of dark and foreboding castle over there. It might not be the most welcoming place, but it probably doesn’t have werewolves in it. Man, look at that spire! It looks like a rocket!”

Before the others could respond, Marc took off running towards the castle.

“Damn it, Marc, slow down!” Dale demanded. “If we just bust in there, the inhabitants may think we’re plundering them, and they aren’t going to take too kindly to that.”

“Well, we’ll just explain that we’re trying to get away from the werewolves!” Marc replied.

“Just like that?”

~Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press~
Notes: When Base Lust-69 exploded at the end of Paraji's Prisoners, Voodoo priestess Leah La Sirene and a group of naive, obtuse, and oblivious male vampires and secret agents fell through a wormhole which deposited them in a foreboding forest with a dark and mysterious castle. What terrors and delights await them in the dark and p…

Weekend Writing Warriors 2 June 2019 (ER, LGBT, PA, SF)

Weekend Writing Warriors
“Oh, never mind all that,” Captain Botterill snapped. “I tire of listening to the pair of you arguing so melodramatically. Why don’t you just admit that you still want to fuck her, Paraji?” “It is not so!” Paraji protested. “I despise everything about her. She is fatally flawed. You, Abigail, you are perfection. The darkness in your soul has the power to wipe the Cosmos of the wretched plague of weakness and debauchery currently infecting it. With my power at your disposal, all will be cleansed and made austere by your command.”
Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press

This snippet is taken from Carnal Invasion XII: Paraji's Prisoners, available now on Kindle.

You'd Be A Fool to Pass up Free--Especially When It's This Good!

It's hot off the presses, and it's running wild! Carnal Invasion XII: Paraji's Prisoners is the first installment in Carnal Invasion's Dark Mysteries series.  Meet Paraji, a badass Rakshesha (female Rakshasa in human form) with a vendetta. Paraji and Mistress Kali had a past connection, and things didn't end well. Now the scorned sorceress wants revenge, and she doesn't care who she has to take down to get it. Paraji has partnered with Captain Abigail Botterill, the corrupt director of the Alien and Supernatural Search Squadron. When rogue agents Dale Dicking, Marc Cumming, Julie Spitz, and Sarah Swallows are captured by Paraji's Djinn lackeys and taken to Base Lust-69, Julie has strange feelings of deja vu, although she can't recall ever having been to the base previously. An old enemy of Ahmose Ike's from his days as a prisoner at the Manzanar Internment Camp has resurfaced and is working in conjunction with the two villainesses. Bad-tempered vam…

Rage-Inducing Adventures in Publication

Image Copyright Kai Kalhh
Paraji is not a happy camper right now. I uploaded the manuscript for Carnal Invasion XII: Paraji's Prisoners to Kindle and created a cover using this excellent picture to represent the titular vampire sorceress. The book showed up on my bookshelf as "draft." "Well, WTF?" said I. I tried to go back in and fix things, but I kept getting returned to the bookshelf. In a state of frustration, I decided to just delete the book from the shelf and start over. I guess the problem is on Amazon's end because I was told I couldn't do that. So I kind of want to throw my computer out the window, but that would be counter-productive. In spite of the fact that sales for these books has been incredibly disappointing, the moment when one gets published is still a good one. I don't need this shit. If I could drink, I'd be an alcoholic. Believe me.
Fixed things! I re-uploaded the book. The "draft" version is still there, which w…

Weekend Writing Warriors 26 May 2019 (ER, LGBT, PA, SF)

Weekend Writing Warriors
“You disappoint me, False Kali,” Paraji sighed. “I would have hoped for an outburst, such as the one which caused you to incinerate an entire village back when we first met.” “Not a village, a group of wicked sorcerers and elders who were engaging in the most vile of acts. They raped some of the villagers and consumed the flesh of others. They were corrupt and monstrous. I set their bloody commune aflame and them with it. I regret my actions not, and I would do it again.” “Yet you accuse me of being corrupt. Why do you not attack?” “Because I do not believe your corruption is irreversible.”
Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press

This is a snippet from Naughty Netherworld Press' forthcoming twelfth installment, Paraji's Prisoners. Mistress Kali continues her attempt to make the ancient vampire sorceress Paraji see reason.  The book will be released at the end of May, only on Kindle. Need to catch up on the bold and bawdy tales in the Carnal Invasion seri…

Weekend Writing Warriors 19 May 2019 (ER, LGBT, PA, SF)

Weekend Writing Warriors
“Djinn, put each of the prisoners in separate cells!” Paraji commanded. “Paraji, you can’t do this!” Mistress Kali pled. “Gamma Iridians cannot survive in isolation, not on this planet. We will be dead within ten solar hours.” “Do you fear death, False Kali?” Paraji sneered. “I do not fear the cessation of my physical form. As I have said before, it is me you wish to punish. Let the others go. I will allow you to do whatever you wish to me. I will not put up a fight.”
Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press

This snippet is from the forthcoming release Carnal Invasion XII: Paraji's Prisoners, available only from Kindle at the end of May.
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Weekend Wrap-Up: A Leap of Faith that Hopefully Doesn't End in a Giant Splat

Image by Marta Cuesta from Pixabay
Greetings, Crazy Cheerleaders, Delivered Ones, Esoteric Escapees, Horror Harridans, Naughty Netherworld DwellersOnes Seeking Enlightenment or at Least Food For Thought, and Ones Stranded in Eternity! I have reached a crossroads in my life. Not a little itty bitty crossroads either. A big hum-dinger of a crossroads. So big, in fact, that I wrote the following poem and note about it:
Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay
cricket silence between scraping sounds autumn begins for me a new beginning or perhaps the end of all
Jane & Cie
The Hokku (Haiku) portion of the poem was written by Jane Reichhold. The Ageku, or closing stanza, was written by me. Come the fall, I should have pictures of the old hotel my son is buying to renovate. This probably sounds a lot posher than it is. This building is in a town listed on the Colorado Ghost Towns website, and it needs a lot of work. For me, this move is literally either a new beginning or the beginning of th…

Tan Renga Challenge 2019: Day 6: In Shadow

Image Source
autumn moonlight-- a worm digs silently into the chestnut. presenting a sunny face though my brain feels full of worms
Basho & Cie

Notes: The Hokku (Haiku) stanza of this Tan Renga was written by Matsuo Basho. The Akegu (closing stanza) was written by me. Matsuo Basho was born in 1644 and died 28 November 1694. As a point of coincidence, my father died on 28 November 2010. As Chèvrefeuille explains, Basho's Haiku references his desires for a man. Basho was a Samurai, and, as with the warriors of ancient Greece, homosexuality was considered normal and acceptable. Relationships between older men and adolescent boys were also considered acceptable. I do feel that homosexuality is normal and acceptable, but I think it is better not to have sexual relationships between adults and youth. My portion of the poem does not refer to my sexuality. Being heterosexual, I never found myself in the position of keeping my sexuality a secret. It refers to living with mental illness in a s…

Weekend Writing Warriors 12 May 2019 (ER, LGBT, PA, SF)

Weekend Writing Warriors
“Paraji, you need to let the others go,” Kali insisted. “I’m the one you want. I’m sorry for the way things happened back when I first arrived on Earth. I was young and impulsive and a bit drunk on my new power. I’m sorry I hurt you. Please believe me, I loved you in my way, and I’m forever grateful for the things you taught me. But when I left, I didn’t think you’d want me back. I hoped you’d forget about me. I loved you, but I couldn’t be faithful to only one, because my energy requirements are too great.”
Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press
Notes: Mistress Kali is pleading with the ancient vampire sorceress Paraji to release the other hostages captured by Paraji's Djinn. It now becomes apparent that Paraji and Mistress Kali have a history with one another. This snippet is from Carnal Invasion XII, due for release around the end of May 2019 on Kindle.
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Sinful Sunday Art Flash: Unmentionable Outtakes from Eden: Lust for Power

Dystopian Future Tarot Copyright Kerry O'Connor
Creation from my rib, I tell you now Of my thoughts on a subtle takeover I insist that you must not question how I think that this place needs a makeover I will prove that I'm not just a rover The ideal apocalyptic scene We will enact, as for power I'm keen

The unmentionable thought on your mind Is your lust for power, it is quite clear You thoughtlessly would put me in a bind To achieve your unwholesome delight, dear Did you expect that I would clap and cheer Do you always try to seduce a girl By discussing takeover of the world
~Sly Has Spoken~
Prompts Used: Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Prompt of the Day Prompts for the Struggling Author Sinful Sunday Wicked Wednesday
Notes: This caustic rhyme is the brainchild of Cie's outspoken radical feminist alter-ego, Sly Fawkes. It is our attempt at a Rhyme Royal. Sly can be found on Blogger and Tumblr.
Image copyright juliahenze

Cie Sez: Popularity Does Not Equate to Writing Quality

Note: This is a direct copy of a post on my Netherworld Writers Guild Tumblr. I have provided links to all the participants.
Anonymous asked:
How to know if my story sucks? It has about 100 hits and 3 kudos and no comments. Kinda frustrating. I like the story tho. Help?!
ao3commentoftheday answered:
If you like it then it doesn’t suck. Those are the rules. 
What you’re asking about isn’t about how good the story is, it’s about how popular it is. Those are two different things. Popularity comes down to the following (incomplete list)
a good, clear summary that describes the fic and lets the reader know what to expect. No typos. No grammar problems. No “I suck at summaries”
tags for the show and characters of course, but also tags for tropes that are used, genre (fluff, smut, angst, etc), episodes if it’s a post-ep, meta, timeline (if applicable) etc. Tell the people what’s in your story so that they can find it. Or avoid it if it’s not for them.
relevance to the fandom. The Silmarillion…

Insecure Writers' Support Group May 2019: Cie Plans Ahead

Image copyright Conger Design on Pixabay
As the sort of person who tends to fly by the seat of my pants, I like to instill some discipline into my program by participating in writing prompts. However, as I discovered this year when participating in Camp NaNoWriMo plus the NaPoWriMo and Poems in April prompts at the same time on my poetry blog, and the A to Z challenge over at Naughty Netherworld Press, too many prompts can feel more like a cluster flock than an inspiration.
Image copyright The Atlantic
This nightmare vision is a massive flock of starlings. I don't have a bird phobia, but I find this a bit unsettling. I don't like swarms of anything, and that includes people. Camp NaNoWriMo is much more flexible than NaNoWriMo. I was using it as a tool to inspire me to pull together my first poetry book. I'm not sure it succeeded.  NaPoWriMo's prompts are optional. One can participate in NaPoWriMo without ever using one of their prompts. Poems in April's prompts are…

Weekend Writing Warriors (ER, LGBT, PA, SF)

Weekend Writing Warriors
“Agent Cumming, who is this odious creature?” Mistress Kali demanded indignantly. “It seems that you and Agent Dicking are acquainted with her.” “This is Captain Abigail Botterill, the treacherous head of A.S.S.S.,” Agent Dicking interrupted, rage in his voice as he glared at his superior officer. “You should probably make that Queen Abigail, Empress of Earth, and remove the indignance from your speech, Lackey!” Paraji barked. “Djinn, attend!” A squadron of two dozen Djinn made their way down the corridor, each taking charge of one prisoner. “What is your command, my Queen?” the leader of the troop inquired of Paraji. “Bring them,” Paraji commanded. “We will require Kali’s daughter the cosmic slut and the host of Kali’s new offspring as well.” “Majesty, I found this human who is sharing possession of his body with a noncorporeal infernal spirit,” a Djinn soldier reported, dragging Muel forward.
Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press
Note: This snippet is from the fo…