A to Z Blogging Challenge 2019: Zachna (NSFW image)

Fan art of the gargoyle Demona.

The image I used has been uploaded to multiple pages, and I am unsure who the original artist is. If anyone knows, I am happy to credit them.

Zachna is one of Mistress Kali's gargoyle clones. When she wishes to spawn a new gargoyle warrior, Mistress Kali wills herself to lay an egg, which increases in size over a solar week. At that point, the gargoyle emerges in full adult form and is generally sex-starved. The one exception to this rule is Mistress Kali's eldest offspring, Titania, who is asexual.
Most of Mistress Kali's gargoyles are female, although a few are hermaphrodites. To this date, there has never been a male gargoyle. 
Gargoyles tend to get their point across through action rather than words. 
Although Mistress Kali is the progenitor of the gargoyle warriors, she does not have a mother-daughter bond with any of these offspring save for Titania. As beings who are born in fully mature form, the gargoyles do not require nurturing the way humans do and thus do not tend to form a parent-child bond with their creator.
The gargoyle warriors appear to be infertile. Like their progenitor, they lack internal organs so it would be impossible for a gargoyle to become pregnant. None have ever cloned themselves or laid eggs. They may be capable of doing so but simply not see the need, as their number is quite plentiful.

"Oh, she's a natural!" --Samantha Zuniga, regarding Zachna's recently demonstrated talents.

A to Z Blogging Challenge 2019: Yaen Walton

Image by M Jurcevic from Pixabay
Yaen (L) and her stepmother/lover Fatimah (R)

Yaen Walton is a vampire. She is the stepdaughter of Tobias Walton and his wife, Fatimah, and the stepsister of Sonny Walton.
Yaen was the stepdaughter of Deror "King" Kader, an Israeli arms dealer, daughter of his late wife Tia. When Yaen was twenty-three, the Gamma Iridian who would become her stepmother and later lover entered Kader's complex. Sensing Yaen's fear and desire, the powerful Gamma Iridian, who called herself Fatimah, set out to rescue the young woman.
Fatimah was one of a group of Gamma Iridians who had come to Earth when civilization was young. She took the form of an Ekkimu, a type of vampire native to the Middle East. Among the powers she developed upon taking this form was the ability to grant immortality to those with whom she exchanged blood via a potent antivirus in her own blood.
Fatimah posed as a power-hungry social climber and seduced Kader into marrying her. On her wedding night, as her new husband lay snoring in a drunken stupor, she found her new stepdaughter and told her the truth.
Fatimah turned Kader and his lackeys over to the authorities after meeting and seducing Tobias Walton, who was in Israel on business. She granted Tobias immortality in exchange for his marrying her and providing for her and her stepdaughter/lover.
Neither Tobias nor Sonny Walton minded that Fatimah and Yaen had a powerful romantic attachment to one another. They enjoyed their new immortality and the exuberant sex that Fatimah and Yaen provided them as well.

“My Fatimah played the role of my previous stepfather’s devoted head wife. In the meantime, she and I fell very deeply in love. Once Kader was safely behind bars, we were free to do as we pleased. We met Tobias while modeling at a jewelry exhibition. He made the very sensible decision to marry my beautiful and noble Mummy Love, and we have been happy.” --Yaen Walton

Mental Illness and Comments

I wanted to share this because I go through this a lot. The original post is here.

As a writer, i adore comments, and i treasure all of them. I do my best to respond to them, as quickly as i can. But as a mentally ill prrson, sometimes it's overwhelming -- especially when the comment is really long, and i end up putting it off because im depressed or anxious. Is there a cut off to replying to a comment, in your opinion? If i wait too long, should i just not answer at all? I just feel embarrassed and rude after a while...


I have the same issues and I also feel guilty and anxious about replying, but speaking as someone who has replied over 6 months later on more than one occasion, if anyone minds I’ve never heard about it. 

I generally apologize for my lateness within my reply (even if I’m replying to the same person multiple times - I feel that bad), and if they do reply back they tell me not to worry about it. 

I’ve also put it out on my personal blog that I’m sorry I’m so late replying and people are generally speaking really understanding about it. 

Do your best. It’s all you can do. Don’t feel guilty for not doing more. ❤

A to Z Blogging Challenge 2019: XXXstacy

Image by SilviaP_Design from Pixabay

XXXstacy is a powerful and intimidating Cosmic Guardian. She is the spawn of the combined energies of Desire, Mistress Kali, Kizz Myass, Miroslav Korošec, Robert Cody, Ulrich von Brandt, and Maria Cody. She gestated in Maria's womb, using erotic energies to promote her maturation as her sister-lover Desire did while gestating within the womb of Christy Ferdinand.
Mistress Kali's daughter, the Cosmic Elemental Desire, loved her mother and her older sister, the Gargoyle warrior Titania, and she enjoyed visiting the Gamma Iridian mothership for lively sex parties, but she was lonely for a true companion with whom she could be one. She arrived at Climax Castle during Carnal Carnival and sensed her opportunity to form a companion from her deepest, heartfelt needs in the complex new elemental hybrid which had been conceived from multiple sources. Requesting and permission to add her energies to the hybrid's makeup, XXXstacy's influences were complete.
Where Desire has two forms, ethereal and semi-corporeal, XXXstacy can change her molecular structure to anything between corporeal and ethereal. She also has chameleon abilities, allowing her to appear to be almost anything. She has command over certain animals, particularly snakes, spiders, and scorpions.
Like her mothers, XXXstacy despises injustice and will fiercely punish anyone who deliberately harms someone weaker than themselves. Also, like her mothers, XXXstacy has an extremely strong libido.
Although they share genetic material, Desire and XXXstacy do not have a sister bond. Both were born at full maturity, their pliant molecular structure allowing them to emerge from the womb without harming their host. XXXstacy was conceived to be Desire's consort.
Desire and XXXstacy both have a sister bond with their eldest sister Titania and a mother-daughter bond with Mistress Kali. Desire has a mother-daughter bond with Christy and XXXstacy has a mother-daughter bond with Maria.

A to Z Blogging Challenge 2019: Wella Mack

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Adorable Wella Mack is a sweet, fun-loving young woman who likes to make everyone around her happy. At the point when Wella's mother married Maxwell Bancroft's father, Max was an immature and self-centered young man whose only purpose in bedding Wella was to rack up another notch on his bedpost and congratulate himself on deflowering a virgin. 
Max did not intend for his innocent and amorous new stepsister to become pregnant, but that is exactly what happened. Max' father insisted that his son behave responsibly. Even if Max had no intention of marrying Wella, he was expected to provide for the child he had helped conceive.
Following a frustrating session with his college admissions counselor, Max found himself at Mistress Kali's exotic dance club, where he met the lusty Gamma Iridian strippers, Krystal and Jewel. He brought the pair home with him to serve as bodyguards and future nannies for Wella, who quickly became quite enamored with the affectionate aliens.
After Mistress Kali brought Wella to her lair in order to impart special powers to her new offspring, Wella met Katherine, a sweet young Norwegian woman whose British paramour, Harold Groves, seemed to be a mirror image of Max in his narcissism. 
Wella and Katherine fell in love, and, to their surprise, Harold and Max not only fell in love but became mature and responsible, happy to care for the children they had sired.
Wella gave birth to Valentine Rose, an elemental hybrid whom she refers to as "the embodiment of friendship and love." Katherine gave birth to Charm, an Earth elemental with the ability to imbue minerals with magical powers and to manipulate earth and stone.
Further adventures await the seemingly ordinary Wella and her extraordinary family.

"I’ve always wanted someone to love me best of all, but I know that I’m just a plain little mouse, and I’ll always be second best.” --Wella Mack

A to Z Blogging Challenge 2019: Velvet and Kikuyu

Image by GraphicMama-team from Pixabay

Image by Rachealmarie from Pixabay

Velvet and Kikuyu are a gladiator tag team in Mistress Kali's arena. They make a brief but unforgettable appearance in Carnal Invasion VI: The Dark Delights of Mistress Kali.
Velvet, real name Vila Arash, also uses the stage name Princess of Persia. She was born in Qatar on May 5, 1976, to wealthy oil magnate Vohumanah Arash and his Afro-Portuguese mistress, Frederica Olayinka.
From the start, it seemed that Vila could do nothing to please her father. Her perceived misbehaviors enraged him to the point where he strangled her and left her for dead in the swimming pool on New Years Eve 2000. Fortunately, the guests at that party included Ulrich von Brandt, Samantha Zuniga, Mistress Kali, and Mistress Nyx. Mistress Kali resurrected Vila, who gladly volunteered to join the group and travel with them to the United States.
Kikuyu is known only as Kikuyu. Her exact date of birth is unknown, but she appears to be in her mid-twenties. She was brought to the United States when she was twelve years old and trafficked until she was beaten nearly to death by a john. She was rescued by Mistress Nyx and brought to Climax Castle to heal.
Kikuyu asked her benefactors to transform her into a vampire so she would have the strength to help other trafficking victims. The newly rescued Velvet became her constant companion. They fell in love while sparring together and fighting for justice for the vulnerable.

“Now, Baby, I got you right where I want you. You thought you had me beat, but you the one that’s in for a surprise here.” --Kikuyu

A to Z Blogging Challenge 2019: Ulrich von Brandt

Image by Jo-B from Pixabay
Ulrich von Brandt and Samantha Zuniga, as pictured on the cover of "My Cumly Bride: Vintage Erotic Tales of Lust"

Along with wife Samantha Zuniga, Ulrich von Brandt is one of the owners of Climax Castle. There was originally only one Gamma Iridian in the pod which landed behind a movie house in Bavaria where attendees were viewing an erotic film starring the original Ulrich von Brandt and Samantha Zuniga. 
The Gamma Iridian split into two beings, one which took on the appearance of Ulrich, the other which took on the appearance of Samantha. The pair entered the movie house, and an orgy ensued.
Ulrich is a kind-hearted if sometimes exasperating chap. He enjoys sex with men and women equally, and always looks for the best in everyone.
Ulrich appears as a tall, slender, sophisticated blond man with sky-blue eyes and a bright smile. He speaks fluent German and English with a German accent. Ulrich enjoys traveling and finding ways to better the lives of others. He is happiest when bettering others' lots in life involves getting to know them sexually as well.
Like other Gamma Iridians, Ulrich tends to be very literal. His affable manner has a way of making his blunt expressions quaint rather than crude.

Ahmose, my dear boy, you know, whenever I am sad about something, I find that there is a solution which perks me up right away. ‘Ulrich,’ I say to myself when I am sad, ‘there is one great cure for unhappiness. You must get back on the cock!’ Yes, it is simple advice, but it is time-honored and true.” --Ulrich von Brandt

Weekend Writing Warriors 28 April 2019 (ER, LGBT, PA, SF)

“Paraji, please, let the boy go,” Mistress Kali begged. “He hasn’t done anything to harm you. It’s me you want. Leave my friends alone and let’s talk.”
“Intruder, halt!” Titania demanded as a tall, trim woman with skin so fair as to be nearly white, hair the color of dark blood mixed with flame, sharp features, and cold, green eyes strode down the hallway, the heels of her sensible boots clicking on the floor. She gave a hateful chuckle as she approached the group. It was at that moment that the others saw that her guards, a pair of powerful Djinn, had captured Agents Cumming and Dicking.
“You won’t get away with this, Captain Botterill,“ Agent Cumming spouted indignantly. “When Agents Spitz and Swallows find out we’ve gone missing, they’ll track us down, and then…”

Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press

This is a snippet from the twelfth installment in the Carnal Invasion series, tentatively entitled "The Hunt for Paraji's Prisoners." 
Paraji is a powerful, ancient vampire sorceress who has an axe to grind with Mistress Kali. 
Captain Abigail Botterill is just what Agent Cumming says she is.

Our most recent installment, available only from the Kindle store.

A to Z Blogging Challenge 2019: Tobias Walton

Image by Efes Kitap from Pixabay

Tobias Walton, patriarch of the scandalous Walton family and former president of the mysterious Xquenda industries, is more than he appears to be. When he was slain by his adopted son and lover Alexandru "Sonny" Walton after piercing the heart of Felice Navidad, Queen of the Frost Elementals, with a fireplace poker, it was revealed that Tobias was, in fact, a demon.
Sonny and Tobias never had a father/son relationship. Tobias' parents felt that it would be a good P.R. move to have their twenty-year-old son adopt a twelve-year-old Romanian orphan, Alexandru Lupei, to show that Irresponsible, Partying Tobias was now Responsible Single Dad Tobias.
Tobias was far more corrupting big brother than father to Alexandru, whom he nicknamed Sonny. Sonny was in love with Tobias from their first meeting, and Tobias was aware of the power he had over the boy. However, nothing sexual ever occurred between the pair until after Sonny turned eighteen.
Tobias had plenty of time to ponder the error of his ways while banished to Limbo, and he decided that he wanted to help others to atone for his previous evil deeds. In Carnal Invasion IX, he possessed the body of Muel Biermann, an unfortunate college student who partied too hard and ended up in the morgue, where he scared the living daylights out of cute and nerdy coroner's assistant Todd Habaro when he sat up on the slab.
Muel initially wasn't keen on being possessed by a demon, but he decided that Tobias seemed pretty cool, and thus began their time of wild adventures together.
In Carnal Invasion XI, it is revealed that Muel feels that it's time for Tobias to ask Mistress Kali to resurrect his body, which had been crushed to a fine powder with the intent of sprinkling it through space so it would be close to impossible for it to be repaired. With the pair sharing Muel's head space, it is clear to Muel that Tobias has changed his ways and will spend his days making others' lives better rather than worse in the future.
Tobias is unsure about returning to his physical form. He thinks he might be able to be more effective by moving from host to host as needed. Besides, Tobias is worried that his one true love may continue to reject him, and this is a possibility that Tobias isn't sure that he can face.

“All right, Top, that’s it! You and I are going to find Mistress Kali right now and get her to regenerate your body. Then you are going to talk to Sonny if I have to drag you to him. However you were, you’re a changed demon now. You’re a nice and good demon! A very horny demon who craves plenty of cock and pussy and ass, it is true, but a good and kind horny demon. Come on, down to the lair we go!”--Muel Biermann

A to Z Blogging Challenge 2019: Samantha

Image by Kei Rothblack from Pixabay

Sweet, petite Samantha Zuniga is one of the co-owners of Climax Castle, along with her husband, Ulrich von Brandt. 
Ulrich and Samantha were once a single Gamma Iridian, but when that particular being's pod landed behind a Bavarian movie house playing an erotic film starring the original Samantha Zuniga and Ulrich von Brandt back in 1918, the being split into two parts, which took the forms of Samantha and Ulrich. An orgy broke out in the movie house, encouraged by Ulrich and Samantha.
Samantha is consistently voted favorite female Climax Productions performer. While elegant and strikingly beautiful, she also gives an air of being approachable. Samantha is kind and sensitive and does her best to care for those in need. If she can also have sex with those in need, so much the better.
Samantha sometimes says things which might seem shocking or rude to those who don't know her, but she never has malicious intent. She is happiest when everyone is happy.

“Oh, Kali, you in this tight leather vest and skirt is totally out of character for this scenario! Rhodie, would you please grab Kali a cheerleader costume? Hopefully, we have one in Amazon size. Come on, let’s get you changed up!” --Samantha Zuniga

A to Z Challenge 2019: Rhodie

Image by Dina Dee from Pixabay

Samantha Zuniga's bodyguard and lover Rhodie is a tough-as-nails tattooed goth martial arts expert, but it wasn't always this way.
Ipatiy "Rhodie" Rhodes is a Japanese-Caucasian-Latina vampire who was born March 20, 1919, in Guadalajara, Mexico to a Latino-Caucasian father and a Japanese mother. Rhodie and her parents moved to the United States when she was two years old. Her parents worked as migrant farmers, and Rhodie's father found other, less legal ways to bring in income during prohibition. Rhodie's father was killed while running liquor on March 7, 1927.
Rhodie and her mother were brought to the Manzanar concentration camp in September of 1942. Rhodie's mother was impregnated by a guard and died from toxemia during her eighth month of pregnancy. The baby, a girl whom Rhodie named Angelica, died after just one day.
Rhodie was sexually abused by the guards and ended up in the infirmary following a botched abortion. Like Ahmose Ike, she was rescued by Samantha Zuniga and Ulrich von Brandt and accepted the gift of eternal life from Mistress Kali in order to help her rescuers continue fighting for justice for as long as possible.
When Rhodie met Christy Ferdinand on Halloween 2018, the pair formed a powerful bond and have remained together since.
Rhodie is a kick-ass badass who would put herself on the line to help the downtrodden without a second thought.

A to Z Blogging Challenge 2019: Qasim Qays

Image by Eduardo Taboada from Pixabay

Qasim Qays was a Romani-Egyptian bartender who was the lover of Ulrich's chauffeur and bodyguard, Siegfried Tahl. The description of their brief, tragic romance appeared in Carnal Invasion X: Carnal Carnival: Discovery.
Qasim was born April 3, 1900, in the Emirate of Bukhara to a seventeen-year-old Egyptian father and a nineteen-year-old Romani mother. The family traveled throughout the Middle East and Africa, and, eventually, ended up in Europe. The family expanded over time to include two more brothers and three sisters. Qasim always delighted in helping his parents with his younger siblings.
Qasim's entire family was rounded up while trying to help families escape to Switzerland from Latvia and died of typhus in the Salaspils concentration camp. At this point, Qasim was a broken man wishing only to die and join his family.
Qasim lived a Nomadic lifestyle following World War II. Helping others brought him a little comfort, but he never allowed himself to get close to anyone, moving on after those he assisted were on their feet enough to fend for themselves.
Qasim arrived in Munich in 1947 and ended up working at a "gentlemen's club." He quickly became aware that the "female" cabaret dancers were, in fact, drag queens. A homosexual himself, Qasim masked his grief by participating in the free and loose erotic lifestyle espoused by many of the club's attendees. For the first time in his life, he enjoyed many sexual liaisons with multiple willing men but never allowed himself to form attachments with any of his partners.
During the club's New Year's Eve celebration to ring in 1956, a muscular blond German named Siegfried Tahl came into the club. Seigfried was thirty-five years old and was a broken man. Like Qasim, Siegfried's family had perished during the war and he had been wandering about adrift, attempting to do what good he might be able to. 
Qasim did his best to comfort Siegfried while maintaining an air of detachment. Siegfried either did not notice or ignored Qasim's veneer of coldness and stuck around after closing time to assist his newfound friend. Siegfried would come in to help Qasim close every night thereafter.
On the night of Qasim's fifty-sixth birthday, after everyone else had gone, Qasim asked Siegfried in a voice cool as a cucumber if he would like to give him oral sex. The handsome German tried to pretend to be cool as well, but his trembling voice and shaking hands gave him away. Nonetheless, he performed admirably.
Qasim found himself unable to hide his true affection for his affable companion. As the two men embraced following the encounter, a group of thugs broke in, beat the lovers brutally, and set the bar on fire.
Ulrich Von Brandt, Samantha Zuniga, Mistress Kali, Mistress Nyx, Ahmose, and Rhodie happened to be in Munich on that night. They sensed the destructive desires of the thugs and the needful energies of their victims and hurried to assist in any way they could.
By the time the Gamma Iridians arrived, Qasim and Siegfried were both bleeding and burned. They were able to save Siegfried when Mistress Kali allowed him to drink her blood, but Qasim was beyond help. Mistress Nyx, Rhodie, and Ahmose tracked down the perpetrators of the heinous act, served them a well-deserved beating, and dragged them to the startled police.
The Gamma Iridians assisted the grieving Siegfried in obtaining cremation for his lost companion. Siegfried accompanied his benefactors to the United States, Qasim's ashes tucked into his luggage in a small, silver box.
Siegfried accepted the group's offer to become one of their vampire bodyguards. He always hoped that he could one day bring about justice for Qasim's death. 
A special surprise awaits Siegfried in a future adventure.

“You have been looking at me as a hungry dog looks at a steak. You may as well enjoy me, and if I enjoy myself, perhaps we’ll do it again.” --Qasim Qays (in a voice cool as you please.)

Carnal Invasion XI Is Unleashed and Free for 5 Days!

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This spicy number comes out swinging from the first chapter. Loving but jaded couple Maria and Robert Cody are the winners of this year's Carnal Carnival Newcummers contest. Their reward is appearing in a live and explicit performance with Ulrich von Brandt, the King of Climax Castle, Samantha Zuniga, the Queen of Climax Castle, and their court of hot-to-trot vampire sidekicks.
Robert is expecting a lusty time, but he is in for an even bigger surprise when he discovers that Maria and a freewheeling, cross-dressing Leprechaun named Kizz Myass have discovered the whereabouts of Miroslav Korošec, the sweet Slovenian exchange student whom Robert fell in love with back in high school. As Sonny Walton points out: "You do love Maria, but Miro will always have a piece of your heart. You think you will never find him again, but tonight is Carnival night, and miracles have been known to happen."
In the meantime, Climax Castle's bawdy mad scientist and sorceress, Mistress Kali, has ideas of her own for enlisting Maria's cooperation in a wild romp resulting in Maria becoming the mother to a new and powerful cosmic guardian.
Everything seems to be all sweetness and light and lots of new and renewed romances with plenty of consensual bondage and no-holes-barred joining of the hearts and parts. However, a sinister figure with ill intent has made her way into Mistress Kali's lair while the bodies are rocking upstairs. 
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Weekend Writing Warriors 21 April 2019 (ER, LGBT, PA, RO)

Robert always found golf to be a tremendously boring sport, but it took on new excitement when Miro asked Robert to join him for a leisurely Sunday afternoon game. Robert convinced Miro to join him for bowling and pool, and the two became fast friends.
Robert was heartbroken when Miro returned to Slovenia at the end of their junior year. He spent the summer in seclusion, filled with self-loathing for the fact that he was as in love with Miro as any of the girls who were crying their eyes out over the sweet-natured Slovenian’s departure, and possibly more so, owing to the fact that he and Miro had formed a powerful bond of friendship. He was ashamed to admit that each letter from Miro was like salt in his wounds, so he let the friendship fade by not answering the letters and had always regretted doing so.
Sonny strode over to Robert and cupped the smaller man’s face in his hands, running his fingers through Robert’s soft, dark curls.
“Do you want to become one of us, my sweet, pretty boy?” Sonny inquired, his eyes flashing red as he gazed into Robert’s soul.
“Yes, if that’s what Maria wants,” Robert replied, his voice trembling.
“Do you want me to be your maker?” Sonny inquired.
A tear streamed down Robert’s cheek. Sonny wiped it away.

~Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press~

This snippet is from the forthcoming eleventh book in the Carnal Invasion series entitled Revelry and Reunion: Good Sports.

A to Z Challenge 2019: Puddin' and Pie

Image by Dina Dee from Pixabay

Image by Dina Dee from Pixabay

I adore Dina Dee's creations, one of which was used on the cover of Carnal Invasion VII: Ambrosia's Sweet Holiday Surprise.
It is very difficult to find attractive images of larger women. Puddin' and Pie are Gamma Iridians who took the form of two lusty supersized babes when they decided to assist struggling traveling carnival owners Scotland English and Odeta Rade on Valentine's Day 1897.
Puddin' and Pie were devastated when their by now very elderly benefactors drowned in a riverboat accident in 1940. They were so overcome by grief that they very nearly allowed themselves to desiccate, but Ulrich von Brandt and Samantha Zuniga sensed the distress of their fellow Gamma Iridians and came to their rescue.
Basking in the kindness of their new benefactors, Puddin' and Pie continued to thrive, much to the delight of all who love the larger ladies.
Puddin' and Pie are a bonded pair, but like all Gamma Iridians, they have extremely high erotic energy requirements and are always ready to share mutual affection with like-minded friends.
Puddin' and Pie first appeared in Carnal Invasion VI: The Dark Delights of Mistress Kali.

“You think she’s ready for Puddin’ and Pie yet, Sis?” --Ursa Major

A to Z Blogging Challenge 2019: The Big O

Image by Khusen Rustamov from Pixabay

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links from which I make a small profit if a product is purchased.

Gamma Iridians living on Earth require a great deal of energy, and the most powerful source of energy is erotic energy. Orgasms give these lusty extraterrestrials a powerful charge to keep them going throughout the day.
Gamma Iridians love sex play, and this means they have a big arsenal of toys to keep everyone happy. The following banner contains examples of some of the toys which have appeared in the Carnal Invasion series' lustiest scenes.

Embrace the Duo and deliver overwhelming pleasure to your partner while enjoying it inside of you. Body safe silicone and realistic shape are complemented by sensual vibrations.Delightfully heavy and soft this gigantic silicone dildo is the king of pleasure.  Enjoy its beautifully sculpted head, squishy balls, and strong suction cup for orgasmic hands free rides.Plus size, double strap harness made of fabric.FingO's TINGLY fun finger vibe...Give boring sex the finger!Made from heavy zinc alloy with pink heart shaped crystal, this anal plug adorns your behind beautifully while, delivering amazingly fulfilling sensations.The perfect  5-pack assortment of everything sugary, these long lasting, Premium Water-based lubes will satisfy your cravings for a deliciously erotic adventure!

The purple dildo in the top left corner is similar to the device used by Desire in Carnal Invasion XI: Good Sports. (Scheduled for release in late April of 2019.)
The dildo in the center is similar to the device favored by Mistress Kali in Carnal Invasion VI: The Dark Delights of Mistress Kali, Carnal Invasion IX: Full Moon Frenzy, and Carnal Invasion IX: Good Sports. Mistress Kali also utilizes a harness similar to the one in the top left corner.
The ladies of Climax Castle love their finger vibrators, such as the little gem in the bottom left corner. 
Gamma Iridians, demons, elementals, humans, vampires, and werewolves alike all enjoy anal play, and the pink heart butt plug in the lower central panel resembles Samantha's favorite backdoor toy.
With this much erotic action, it would be foolish not to have an ample supply of lube. The generous supply of flavored lube in the bottom right corner might make it through one session with the lusty lot at Climax Castle. It should be more than enough for a few sexy times for your normal human.
The sample supplies featured on this page are sold by Eden Fantasys. Webmasters and bloggers interested in becoming an affiliate for Eden Fantasys, please click here.

A to Z Challenge 2019: Mistress Nyx

Mistress Nyx is a high-ranking badass Gamma Iridian with fists of steel and a heart of gold. She can't bear seeing others suffer.
Mistress Nyx appears to be a small Asian woman in her early forties. Her diminutive appearance is deceptive. She is unexpectedly strong and adept in multiple forms of martial arts.
Mistress Nyx' back story was revealed in Carnal Invasion VI: The Dark Delights of Mistress Kali.
The pod containing the creature which would become Mistress Nyx landed near a "comfort station" in the Philippines in World War II. There she encountered a badly burned woman whose life she tried to save. As the woman's spirit departed her fatally damaged body, the newly arrived Gamma Iridian assumed her appearance to honor her.
As it happened, Ulrich, Samantha, and Mistress Kali were on a mission to rescue the women imprisoned at the comfort station. Mistress Kali sensed the presence of another of their kind, and as Ulrich and Samantha distracted the soldiers, Mistress Kali made her presence known to the frightened traveler. It was Kali who gave Mistress Nyx her new name. Kali admonished Nyx to stay hidden until she returned for her.
Nyx' curiosity got the better of her, and she looked into the window of the comfort station, where Ulrich, Samantha, and Kali had hypnotized the soldiers to have sex with one another while they rescued the comfort women. Nyx became aware that erotic energy could empower her, but she was so disgusted by what had been done to the being whose form she had assumed that she swore she would die before ever accepting such energy.
Samantha, Kali, and a kind young Chinese woman named Zan reassured Nyx that when the erotic energy exchange was consensual, it was mutually beneficial. Nyx eventually accepted the energy her new friends offered. Although she and Zan never exchanged erotic energy again, Nyx and Zan were great friends for the remainder of Zan's life.
Mistress Kali and Mistress Nyx have a special bond with one another. Although they broke up briefly over disagreements regarding Kali's scientific and magical activities, they reunited and have remained a couple.
Like Mistress Kali, Mistress Nyx has several cloned offspring. Unlike Mistress Kali, she does not lay an egg in which to gestate her offspring. The new offspring simply separate from her body in the manner of an amoeba. The offspring are mature adults from the time of their formation. They do not have a parent-child bond with their progenitor.

“You have come to the world on which you abandoned us and insulted us for making our way as best we could, and now you expect us to simply step in line? It does not work that way! I will require compelling reason to cooperate with you in any fashion, or you had best prepare yourself for a fight. When it comes to defending my companions, it is only fair that you should know that I fight dirty.”
--Mistress Nyx

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A to Z Challenge 2019: Marc Cumming

Affable Marc Cumming is the most unlikely secret service agent that anyone could ever chance to meet. His unassuming demeanor is an asset to the Alien and Supernatural Search Squadron (A.S.S.S.) He tends to gain people's trust quickly, which is helpful both in interviewing victims and going undercover.
Unlike his hard-boiled and cynical partner, Dale Dicking, fifty-something Marc continues to keep an open mind regarding the possibilities of supernatural creatures and extraterrestrials. Marc and Dale's contrasting approaches work in their favor, and the two agents have a bond of mutual respect and genuine affection which allows their partnership to thrive.
Marc has an unfortunate tendency to get caught with his pants down in compromising situations. Fortunately, at Climax Castle, being caught with one's pants down in compromising positions is situation normal.
Since his divorce five years ago, Marc has been a member of the Lonely Hearts Club. The lusty ladies and gentlemen of Climax Castle are more than happy to change the ingenuous agent's fortunes in the field of carnal knowledge.

“See, you took it the wrong way. I knew you would. But the thing is, it would be a platonic marriage. It’s just that you’re the person I work most harmoniously with. We argue and our personalities are kind of polar opposites, but when we work together, there’s no more effective team anywhere. If there was such a thing as a platonic marriage, Partner, I would put a ring on it with you anytime.”
--Marc Cumming to his partner, Dale Dicking

A to Z Challenge 2019: Larissa Satou

Image by yayuk LUMINA from Pixabay

Larissa Satou is a forest nymph who was inadvertently drawn into the Earth realm when Paraji, a vengeful Hindu sorceress, invaded Mistress Kali's lair. She quickly endears herself to the denizens of Climax Castle.
Larissa dwells in Mistress Kali's garden. She imparts the warning that plant life is in danger in the Earth realm and it is difficult for the forest elementals to gather energy.
Little is known about Larissa at this point. More may be forthcoming in the future.

A to Z Challenge 2019: Mistress Kali

Cover image copyright Sabine Mondestin

Mistress Kali is a centuries-old Gamma Iridian scientist and sorceress who took the form of the Hindu goddess Kali and assumed many of her powers as well.
Mistress Kali and Mistress Nyx have a romantic bond.
Mistress Kali cares about humanity and has made it her mission to create guardians to protect the innocent from those with unscrupulous motives. Her first offspring were her gargoyle guardians, a race of mostly female beings who are the result of asexual reproduction.
When she wishes to bring another gargoyle into the world, Mistress Kali wills herself to lay an egg, which grows to a large enough size to accommodate a fully grown gargoyle warrior over the course of a week. The gargoyles hatch as fully mature adults who are ready to rumble, and, like their progenitor, to have sex, and lots of it.
Mistress Kali has also found a way to create powerful elemental guardians for the world. These beings gestate inside the womb of a living host. Gamma Iridians do not possess a womb. Therefore, a human host is required.
So far, Mistress Kali has never been turned down by any of her host hopefuls. She is a compelling and complex personality, at once generous and wrathful, kind and cruel, warm and cold. In fairness, Mistress Kali's "cruelty" tends to amount to consensual BDSM.
Mistress Kali and Ulrich tend to lock horns quite a bit, which generally leads to them locking loins. Both are strong and flamboyant personalities and being Gamma Iridians, both require a vast amount of sexual energy. Despite their frequent bickering, Mistress Kali and Ulrich are actually quite fond of one another.
Mistress Kali is a compassionate friend to those who display kindness and a fierce enemy to those whose intent is to subjugate or harm others. She is a powerful protectress and a formidable foe.

“You are not my prisoner. You are my guest. All of you are my guests. The guards are here for your protection. They will accompany you within the compound. There are those who would do you harm. You need not fear. We will all protect you. Come now, to the arena, Ladies. The show is about to begin." 
--Mistress Kali

A to Z Blogging Challenge 2019: Jewel and Krystal

Image by Alexandr Ivanov from Pixabay

Jewel and Krystal are Gamma Iridians who assumed the forms of two murdered exotic dancers. They sometimes perform at Mistress Kali's club, but their primary duties are as bodyguards to Max Bancroft and Wella Mack, and nannies to Max and Wella's daughter, Valentine Rose, an elemental hybrid whom Wella refers to as "the embodiment of friendship and love."
With the help of the friends they've made in the A.S.S.S. (Alien and Supernatural Search Squadron), Krystal and Jewel hope to bring the murderers of the women whose forms they took to justice.
Jewel tends to be the more emotionally sensitive of the pair. Her sorrow at the injustices she sees in the world sometimes psychologically overwhelm her. Krystal is a protective firebrand. Although she has a diminutive physique, she is a formidable fighter and anyone threatening those she loves will be in for an unexpectedly powerful and ultimately painful ass-kicking.

“Krystal, you’re scrappy but you’re not much bigger than a Chihuahua," 
--Mistress Kali

Poems in April: Day 10: In Thrall

Image by prettysleepy1 from Pixabay

Have you ever been in thrall
Of someone who was just so
Bad and so entirely wrong
You walk in heart wide open

Know your heart will be broken
But you can't resist the pull
Though you know that it's a lie
You can kiss your life goodbye

~Pepper Baiij for Kris Rooiakker~

This poem has some 'splainin' to do.
First, why would I take on ANOTHER daily challenge when I'm already involved with two of them?
I could blame the bipolar disorder, but I think the truth is, I'm genuinely insane. I'm not referring to the bipolar disorder part. That's mental illness. Mental illness is not insanity. Insanity is knowing something isn't realistic and doing it anyway. I have a proven track record of insanity.
The second factor involved here is my intent to finally publish a book of my poetry at the end of the year. I don't need to worry about publishers who insist that only previously unpublished works appear. The book will be published by Team Netherworld Creations, a seedy little independent press of which I am the Head Buttmunch in Charge. I don't have such rules. With any book I publish, whether it is written by me or someone else, the author retains all rights to do whatever they want with their material at any time.
Now, about the poem.
The poetry form is Jueju. I wrote two quatrains with seven syllables in each line.
Pepper Baiij is the female protagonist in Team Netherworld's long-running WIP, Fetch. The first chapter of this tale emerged in November 2014. The work is nowhere near ready for publication, but new chapters and poems are always emerging. Maybe someday we'll actually have a finished product.
Kris Rooiakker is an actor with whom Pepper became obsessed in her younger days. He is a psychic vampire. He found Pepper on the astral plane and took advantage of her vulnerability and low self-esteem. Pepper's obsession with Kris cooled many years ago, but he doesn't like being ignored. He keeps coming back to pester her.
The prompt asked writers to grab a book and find a sentence, then:
Use all the words of this sentence in a poem
Pick a word or phrase from this sentence for the title of your poem
Use a part or the entirety of this sentence as the first or the last line of your poem

Now, as it happens, I had the manuscript for Carnal Invasion VI: The Dark Delights of Mistress Kali open for reference in working on the forthcoming Carnal Invasion XI: Good Sports. (I am also the Head Buttmunch in Charge of Naughty Netherworld Press, which is Team Netherworld Creations' lust-crazed sibling.) I found a sentence suitable for public consumption and used the words "in thrall" for the title of the poem and in the first line of the poem. Here is the original sentence.
“No, Jefe, she ain’t hurt, but she in thrall of La Jefa,” Krystal whispered. “You can peek in, sí, but don’t say nothin’. Like I say, we don’t wanna end up being prisoners.”
If you are interested in learning more about the series of novels that this book came from, visit the Naughty Netherworld Press blog, where you will find snippets from the stories and links to purchase the books.


Introducing the Blog Hops Index and Keeping it Real

Image by RitaE from Pixabay

No, not the kind of hops shown above. Although my son is interested in starting homebrewing once he has a new place.
I want to introduce you to my comprehensive index of blog hops that I participate in. April is my busiest month for blog hops. There are two poetry blog hops, NaPoWriMo and the Imaginary Garden With Real Toads Poems in April. Like, one of y'all couldn't do your poems in May or something? There is also the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Then there are the photography blog hops that I at least semi-regularly participate in.
You will notice that most of the blogs on my list are literary or artistic. Some of the blog hops I participate in tend to lean towards fashion, and I feel like the odd one out, which, let's be honest, isn't unusual. I am pretty odd. 
I don't feel like I belong with most of the participants in these blog hops, who share very glamorous photos of themselves in pretty clothes with flawless make-up. I am the opposite of glamorous. I look like an unmade bed on my best day. I am not pretty, and I can't afford pretty clothes. I haven't worn make-up in more than fifteen years. 

I look like this. You can see my endocrine problems in my puffy face with the red patches. I have problems with eczema, which make-up makes worse.
That's my buddy Crowley with me.
The one thing I believe is that nobody has the right to ridicule anybody regardless of how unattractive they may find that person. No, I am not young, thin, or pretty. I still deserve to be treated with common decency and respect.

Image by Jonas Svidras from Pixabay

Still, when you look like I do and you know damn good and well that nobody thinks that looks pretty or fashionable, and you're visiting blogs where the people have photos of themselves looking like the image above, you start feeling like maybe you came from a different planet. 
I used to use self-deprecating "humor" when it came to my physical appearance. I won't do that anymore. Physically speaking, I see other people as physically attractive or neutral. There are no physically ugly people. The ugliness comes out in their personality. A person can look like the physically attractive young woman above and still be an ugly person, or they can look a little bit something like me and still be a genuinely beautiful person. 
I'm not saying that I think that I'm beautiful. That's not something I could ever think. However, as far as looks go, mine are neutral in my eyes, or at least I strive to make them so. Nobody gets to build themselves up by tearing me down anymore. I will rip them a new one without a second thought.

Here is a photo of one of the most beautiful people who has ever existed. Period. 
Eleanor Roosevelt was also quite fashionable, but she cared more about helping people than she did about making herself look pretty. I highly recommend Ken Burns' documentary on The Roosevelts, which I saw on Netflix last month.
Whenever I feel unpretty, which is actually quite often, I remind myself that no-one, including me, has the right to make me feel bad about myself based on my looks. Sometimes that shuts the hateful tapes in my head down enough that I can move on to something else.
You won't find fashion-based blog hops on my list, although some of the blogs on my list feature fashionable people. Only the most beautiful blogs have made the cut! 

This is an ever-growing list. If you're looking for mostly creative but not always fashionable blog hops, consider bookmarking the page!


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