Weekend Writing Warriors #162!

Weekend Writing Warriors #162!

"The best thing for a woman with an old soul is to find a younger man.”
Welp, I'd be outta there!
The only "younger man" in my life is my son. I've got enough on my plate without bringing in a surrogate son who's also supposed to be my significant other!
Different strokes for different folks, though.


  1. Why oh why do we need men to make us whole and/or happy? I don't. You don't. Lots and lots of us don't. And if it works for us, that is just fine.

    1. Twenty-two years ago, I had a good friend who utterly ruined our friendship by pulling the "friendzoned nice guys finish last" card on me. I had been sexually assaulted the year before by an ex-boyfriend and had just gotten out of a horribly abusive relationship when he springs the old "I'm not like other guys" bit on me. I begged him to stop his trajectory because I could see where things were going. He started in on me, saying that I wouldn't give him a chance because he was fat. As if I'm by any means a twig. I said his size didn't make a damn bit of difference, I was not in a good place emotionally and the last thing I needed was another relationship. What I didn't say was that I already had an eight-year-old child, plus I had to deal with my ex-husband, whom I get along well enough with overall but he can frustrate me to no end. I didn't need to add a 35-year-old child to that mix!


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