A to Z Blogging Challenge 2019: Felice Navidad

Image by Majabel Creaciones from Pixabay

The benevolent Felice Navidad is Queen of the Winter Realm. She is 27,000 years old. Felice's mother was a frost giantess and her father was King of the Frost Elementals. 
Felice became regent when her father was killed defending the Winter Realm against raiders from Yuggoth. Her mother had died three years previously during an attack by Cthonians.
The lonely queen would have fallen into utter despair had it not been for the kindness of two brave winter elf warriors, Arthur and Arvin Flurry, better known as Teacake and Tinsel. Felice and Tinsel fell in love, while Teacake became a loyal and trusted friend and adviser to Felice.
At the end of 2018, Felice was kidnapped by powerful sorcerers employed by the unscrupulous Tobias Walton and brought to Earth. Tobias became so infuriated by Felice's insolence that he pierced her heart with a hot fireplace poker, seemingly killing her. 
Felice was saved by Teacake making a perilous journey to procure a magical seed from Yadira Root, the Witch at the End of All Things. The seed was planted within her damaged heart, and she lay for 28 days on an altar beneath the Royal Courtyard, after which time she awoke, restored to full health.
Although they have had a long and loving marriage, 13,775 years, to be exact, Felice and Tinsel have no children. Tinsel learned that Felice was pregnant at the time she was slain by Tobias. He assumed that the child had certainly perished. 
However, Felice and Tinsel's daughter regenerated along with her mother, much to the joy of her parents. Yadira, the Witch at the End of All Things, revealed to Teacake and Tinsel that their wee Ivy will possess fearful and wondrous powers resulting from her time in the Realm of Death.
Ivy will have a loyal friend in her cousin Holly, who is due to arrive at the same time. Teacake and his human bride Ambrosia have learned, to their surprise and joy, that Ambrosia is expecting as well.

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