A to Z Blogging Challenge: Christy Ferdinand

Image by Claudio_Scott from Pixabay

Cute Christy Ferdinand is the girl next door—that is, if the girl next door is a hot to trot and ready for anything neophyte vampire. More than one person has jokingly inquired whether Christy is actually a Gamma Iridian. She is every bit as horny and socially inept as any of the lustful otherworldly shape-shifters.
Christy was invited to Climax Castle on Halloween 2018 after her video submission was chosen as a winner by the Climax Castle Crew. She and Bernie rode to the party in the same limousine. Christy was high on Ecstasy, and Bernie took it upon himself to take care of her. They have been great friends ever since.
Rhodie Rhodes, a tough but tender 100-year-old vampire, and Samantha Zuniga, Queen of Climax Castle, took Christy under their wings as well. Finally finding people to care about her, Christy thrived. She asked Rhodie to turn her and now uses her superhuman strength to protect other vulnerable souls and her supernatural energies to stay up reading and learning new things as long as she likes, or having insane amounts of sex, often all in the same day.

“Miss Ambrosia, please don’t think that all vampires are as awful as Sonny and Tobias Walton. Bernie and I are vampires, and we aren’t awful at all, except that I talk too much and say the wrong things.” –Christy Ferdinand

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