A to Z Blogging Challenge 2019: Elementals

Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay
Mistress Kali's daughter, Desire

Fantastical beings regularly mingle with humans in the Carnal Invasion universe. We meet several kinds of elementals on our Carnal journey.

In The Dark Delights of Mistress Kali, Climax Castle princess Christy Ferdinand gives birth to the Cosmic Elemental Desire, who can travel through space and time with ease. Desire emerges into the world as a gelatinous, amorphous being who exits through the hull of the Gamma Iridian mother ship and takes the form of a strikingly attractive and powerful adult humanoid female who strikes awe and sometimes fear into those who behold her, depending on their intentions.
There have also been other elemental hybrids born in Mistress Kali's lair. In The Dark Delights of Mistress Kali, Kali's protege Polina gave birth to a dryad hybrid whom she named Tree and her protege Nia gave birth to the fire elemental hybrids Fiona and Teine. In Love Lust and Lunacy, Mistress Kali's protege Wella gave birth to Valentine Rose, whom Wella refers to as "the embodiment of love and friendship."
The Leprechaun Drag Diva Kizz Myass is a lusty Fae who loves the ladies and also loves dressing like a lady. Occasionally, he also likes becoming a lady for a time to see how the other side does things.

“I’m your fucking desire, little boy. I’m everybody’s fucking desire!" --Desire, Cosmic Elemental 

"Do you wish me to wear me sparkly green dress and have me hair done up in bows like a lovely lassie should, or d’ye wish me to wear me green velvet jacket and pantaloons and be yer Jack the Lad?”" --Kizz Myass, Leprechaun Drag Queen

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