A to Z Blogging Challenge 2019: Tobias Walton

Image by Efes Kitap from Pixabay

Tobias Walton, patriarch of the scandalous Walton family and former president of the mysterious Xquenda industries, is more than he appears to be. When he was slain by his adopted son and lover Alexandru "Sonny" Walton after piercing the heart of Felice Navidad, Queen of the Frost Elementals, with a fireplace poker, it was revealed that Tobias was, in fact, a demon.
Sonny and Tobias never had a father/son relationship. Tobias' parents felt that it would be a good P.R. move to have their twenty-year-old son adopt a twelve-year-old Romanian orphan, Alexandru Lupei, to show that Irresponsible, Partying Tobias was now Responsible Single Dad Tobias.
Tobias was far more corrupting big brother than father to Alexandru, whom he nicknamed Sonny. Sonny was in love with Tobias from their first meeting, and Tobias was aware of the power he had over the boy. However, nothing sexual ever occurred between the pair until after Sonny turned eighteen.
Tobias had plenty of time to ponder the error of his ways while banished to Limbo, and he decided that he wanted to help others to atone for his previous evil deeds. In Carnal Invasion IX, he possessed the body of Muel Biermann, an unfortunate college student who partied too hard and ended up in the morgue, where he scared the living daylights out of cute and nerdy coroner's assistant Todd Habaro when he sat up on the slab.
Muel initially wasn't keen on being possessed by a demon, but he decided that Tobias seemed pretty cool, and thus began their time of wild adventures together.
In Carnal Invasion XI, it is revealed that Muel feels that it's time for Tobias to ask Mistress Kali to resurrect his body, which had been crushed to a fine powder with the intent of sprinkling it through space so it would be close to impossible for it to be repaired. With the pair sharing Muel's head space, it is clear to Muel that Tobias has changed his ways and will spend his days making others' lives better rather than worse in the future.
Tobias is unsure about returning to his physical form. He thinks he might be able to be more effective by moving from host to host as needed. Besides, Tobias is worried that his one true love may continue to reject him, and this is a possibility that Tobias isn't sure that he can face.

“All right, Top, that’s it! You and I are going to find Mistress Kali right now and get her to regenerate your body. Then you are going to talk to Sonny if I have to drag you to him. However you were, you’re a changed demon now. You’re a nice and good demon! A very horny demon who craves plenty of cock and pussy and ass, it is true, but a good and kind horny demon. Come on, down to the lair we go!”--Muel Biermann

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