Insecure Writers Support Group 3 November 2021


This month's IWSG question is:
What's harder to do, coming up with your book title or writing the blurb?

I honestly don't have any particular trouble with either one. I throw down a working title, which I may change later. Or not. Whatever.

For me, the blurb is a brief synopsis of the story combined with a hook. I'm not sure that I am the best blurb writer out there, but I don't struggle with it that much. I just do it.

Those who read this silly blog or anything else by me with any frequency may now be saying "oh, well, you may not struggle with titles or blurbs, Ms. Smartyboots, but we know very well that you struggle with blog hops and commenting and book reviews and the Roost Recommendations and taking on too many projects and pretty much, like, you know, EVERYTHING! So there! Nyah!"

To this, I can only say...

You're absolutely right.

After talking with my son today while we were en route to the butcher shop to pick up our monthly supply of meat, I've decided that I will make the Roost Recommendations a quarterly rather than a monthly project. I think this may help me not feel so constrained while at the same time allowing me to promote my fellow writers in my own special way.

And when I say special, I do mean special. I'm a very special breed. After they made me, they fired the mold into the sun and said "we can't risk having another one of those!"

I may not be super-active in the blog hops this month because I'm doing NaNo "why the fuck do I hate myself" WriMo and the November Poem A Day Challenge. You can check out my burnt poetic offerings at

I guess that's about all for now. I need to use the Wrap It Up Box on this post because I haven't poemed yet today and the witching hour is drawing nigh. Clock you next time.

~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

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