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The following is a snippet from The Downfall of Narcissus, a Lil DeVille story that I'm working on for submission to the forthcoming fabulous drag anthology from the House of Lobsters. First, I'll share the snippet, then I'll give the deets on the anthology and how you can enter your work for potential inclusion if that sort of thing really is your bag, Baby.

I could not help noticing the tension in Hermes’ back and shoulders. I reached for the scented oil on the nearby table, and Hermes relaxed at my touch as I massaged the oil into his skin. I passed the oil to Heracles and suggested that he work on Hermes’ feet and legs while I continued my therapies on his chest and arms.

“Perhaps it should be you who tends to his feet,” Heracles countered. “He always says that I am too rough. It isn’t my fault that he’s a tenderfoot.”

Just a little tease here. I'm always nervous about sharing what I'm working on for publications other than Naughty Netherworld Press. Plus, the Rainbow Snippets hop prefers six-line snippets, so there's that!

Now, here's what you need to know about the House of Lobsters, so you can submit your own work to them if you're interested! I am not affiliated with the House of Lobsters, so if you have questions about their submission guidelines, you'll have to contact them.


The anthology is seeking drag-related art, fiction, and poetry. They say that submissions can be any genre or style. They accept reprints and simultaneous submissions. The deadline for submissions is June 30.

I haven't been going to the hops very much this year because I've been concentrating on submitting my writing to venues outside of Naughty Netherworld Press. While I prefer self-publishing, I also enjoy submitting my work to anthologies and periodicals. In the event that said work is rejected, I will eventually publish it myself. So, win-win.

Now it's time for the hops. Let me explain a little bit about what I'm doing here because what's clear to my screwy spiderweb (the spider has been doing LSD and refuses to take Ritalin) of a brain may not be clear to those whose brains work in a conventional way. I'm sharing this post with all the hops below because I believe the authors who take part in these hops might benefit from knowing about this anthology. 

I know I don't necessarily do blog hops well because I tend to take on too much and then get mired in anxiety. I hope you can forgive me for not being the best blog hopper and please understand that I really do want to help my fellow authors, which is why I'm sharing this opportunity with all of you rather than hoarding it for myself. 

Here is a handy image to help you understand the wacky workings of my brain.

Note that at first glance, the LSD spiderweb (upper right) looks normal, but when you look again, it really isn't. I like this one as a metaphor for the way my brain works. I can "pass for normal" until people start to know me a little. Then the truth comes out pretty quickly. Even though I am mostly harmless, I am definitely not normal and neither is my brain. 

This is your brain on ADHD and anxiety. So much fun, just like the horrible roller coaster at the Hell's Pass Abusement Park. Oh, look, a squirrel!

By the way, I don't like the drugs for these conditions. I have paradoxical reactions to psych meds. For me, the cure is worse than the problem.

Not that ADHD is a psych condition, it's a neurological deviation. Not that people with ADHD are deviants, although I have been accused of such. I'm actually Very Vanilla in real life. I just have a vivid imagination and a filthy sense of humor. I blame Monty Python. Plus, I found my father's collection of underground comics at an early age and I enjoy old sci-fi exploitation films like Barbarella and Flesh Gordon. 

I've also been accused of being a devil worshiper, but that's a story for another time. 

I'd probably better put the shovel away now before I dig myself in any deeper.

Anyway, without further adoo-doo, it's time for...

All the Hops






  1. I really, really admire your writing persistence. Good luck.

  2. Interesting snippet this week.

  3. Hello, Cie!
    Your snippet is a tease! I do hope you get accepted... and thanks for participating in today's Steam Hop.

  4. Great little snippet! I enjoy reading your work, I just don't always have time to stop over to your blog. Sorry, I'm always working and trying to find time to write myself. Wishing you the best with your submissions!!


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