Parsifal Goes Home For the Holidays #MFRWHooks


Genre: Gay Romance, Holiday Romance, M/M Romance, Romantic Comedy

#bisexual #m/m romance #polyamory #role playing

Heat Level

5 Flames



Publisher: ‎ Naughty Netherworld Press

Publication date: ‎ December 23, 2023

Length: 14,500 words (Novelette)


Parsifal returns home to spend the Christmas holidays with his family. As he arrives at the airport, he is greeted by his brother Hart and his ex-boyfriend Bobby. Bobby is accompanied by his new boyfriend Seth. As they spend the day together, Parsifal notices something peculiar. Bobby seeks comfort from Hart rather than Seth after a minor accident at the park.

Meanwhile, Parsifal finds himself drawn to hot nerd Seth. The more time they spend together, the more Parsifal believes the feeling is mutual.

However, Parsifal's Christmas holiday is about to get even crazier. His redneck relatives are coming over for Christmas Eve dinner, and Parsifal is dreading the chaos that is sure to ensue. Between his family's quirky behavior and Seth's enticing presence, Parsifal’s vacation is shaping up to be anything but relaxing.

This is the second book in The Shape Of Heat series. It can be read as a standalone, but the first book, Awakening, should be read first if you wish to know more about the background of Parsifal and his girlfriends Candi and Luisa.

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Over the summer, things heated beyond the boiling point between me and my longtime friends Candi and Luisa. We grew even closer as the fall that never looks like fall rolled into the Caribbean island where we work and play. Our boss had nothing but praise for us as resort workers, and we were popular writers at Climax Productions. Everyone needs to rest sometime, though, so I was glad to be heading home to Tennessee to reconnect with family and friends over the winter holidays.

I was especially looking forward to seeing my big brother Hart and my ex-boyfriend Bobby. Although Bobby and I broke up after I cheated on him, we remained close friends. Plus, I was looking forward to meeting Bobby's new guy Seth.


  1. Hi, Cie! Delighted that you're continuing to develop these characters!

  2. Intriguing excerpt and interesting setup


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