Weekend Writing Warriors 27 October 2019 (ER, FA, LGBT, SF)

Weekend Writing Warriors
“Well, my boy, sometimes when you ask for the rest, you are lucky enough to get the best. However, the Enchanters of Lwiqsyz are a testy and judgmental lot, and I fear they would tear you limb from limb figuratively if not literally. Ah, you, Witch Queen, you are a powerful sorceress with regal bearing! Would you consider attending the wedding of Master Necromancer Uhlrix Goodfellow to Master Soulbinder Tackfellow Nekron with me?”
“I beg your pardon, your Infernal Worship, but the only thing I desire at this moment is a fainting couch!” Leah replied. “I fell through a wormhole and was very nearly shot into space!”
“I can go with you, Lord Lucifer,” Lleu insisted. “I clean up nicely, so I’m told.”
~Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press~
Notes: This is a snippet from Castle Necros, the sixteenth installment in the Carnal Invasion series. It is due for release on Halloween 2019.
Lleu Redgrave, a vampire not particularly adept at summoning demons, has inadvertently summ…

A to Z Challenge 2019: Mistress Kali

Cover image copyright Sabine Mondestin

Mistress Kali is a centuries-old Gamma Iridian scientist and sorceress who took the form of the Hindu goddess Kali and assumed many of her powers as well.
Mistress Kali and Mistress Nyx have a romantic bond.
Mistress Kali cares about humanity and has made it her mission to create guardians to protect the innocent from those with unscrupulous motives. Her first offspring were her gargoyle guardians, a race of mostly female beings who are the result of asexual reproduction.
When she wishes to bring another gargoyle into the world, Mistress Kali wills herself to lay an egg, which grows to a large enough size to accommodate a fully grown gargoyle warrior over the course of a week. The gargoyles hatch as fully mature adults who are ready to rumble, and, like their progenitor, to have sex, and lots of it.
Mistress Kali has also found a way to create powerful elemental guardians for the world. These beings gestate inside the womb of a living host. Gamma Iridians do not possess a womb. Therefore, a human host is required.
So far, Mistress Kali has never been turned down by any of her host hopefuls. She is a compelling and complex personality, at once generous and wrathful, kind and cruel, warm and cold. In fairness, Mistress Kali's "cruelty" tends to amount to consensual BDSM.
Mistress Kali and Ulrich tend to lock horns quite a bit, which generally leads to them locking loins. Both are strong and flamboyant personalities and being Gamma Iridians, both require a vast amount of sexual energy. Despite their frequent bickering, Mistress Kali and Ulrich are actually quite fond of one another.
Mistress Kali is a compassionate friend to those who display kindness and a fierce enemy to those whose intent is to subjugate or harm others. She is a powerful protectress and a formidable foe.

“You are not my prisoner. You are my guest. All of you are my guests. The guards are here for your protection. They will accompany you within the compound. There are those who would do you harm. You need not fear. We will all protect you. Come now, to the arena, Ladies. The show is about to begin." 
--Mistress Kali


  1. She sounds like a very complex and interesting character.

  2. Mistress Nyx intrigued me enough I had to find her counterpart. Was not disappointed.


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