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This naughty tale introduces spoiled rich boy turned good guy Max Bancroft and the sweet and sexy Gamma Iridian strippers, Jewel and Krystal. These extraterrestrial good bad girls show Max an out-of-this-world hot time, and he learns a few important lessons about love and friendship in the course of their lusty tutelage. 
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Weekend Writing Warriors 27 January 2019 (ER, LGBT, PA, RO)

“I suppose you might. You see, there are many people quite angry with me for keeping the Queen here, and for having brought her here in the first place. They don’t understand that she can provide an incomparable gift for Sonny. His potential is unrealized. You see, Sonny’s biological mother was a genetic werewolf. Come, enjoy the view of the night sky with me.”
Jemma followed Tobias to a luxurious bedchamber. When he pulled open the curtain, Jemma gasped at the beauty of the view of the night sky.

Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press

This conversation takes place between Tobias Walton, the notorious president of Xquenda Industries, and Jemma, a Gamma Iridian shapeshifter forced by Tobias to take the form of Felice Navidad, queen of the Frost Elementals. This is a snippet from Full Moon Frenzy, the ninth installment in the Carnal Invasion series, due for release on 20 February 2019.


  1. If I'd just heard that someone was the son of a wolf, a literal wolf, I'm not sure a mere night sky could make me gasp.

    1. I think since Jemma is an extraterrestrial, she already finds humans strange enough! ;-)

  2. You manage to convey some real sociopathic traits here - never mind their complaints, it's justified because I can benefit! And I think he has more in mind than admiring the night sky!

    1. Tobias always has more in mind, very little of it beneficial to anyone but himself.

  3. I'm intrigued. A genetic wereworlf? As in--someone is designing them? Good snippet.

    1. Thank you. Actually, he means that Sonny was born to a parent (his mother) who was a werewolf rather than being someone who became a werewolf after being bitten and infected with the lycanthropy trait.


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