Weekend Writing Warriors 13 October 2019 (ER, FA, LGBT, SF)

Weekend Writing Warriors
At that moment, a very tall man with long brown hair, a neat beard and mustache, iridescent green eyes and a glowing green jewel in the middle of his forehead strode casually into the room. With one long finger, he pressed a button with a large X engraved in the center. The room stopped shaking as the engines powered down. The man had an amused look on his face as he extended his hand to Leah.
“Welcome to Castle Necros,” he greeted. “I am your host, the Marquis Ciaran Kabral.”
“Leah La Sirene, witch queen of New Orleans,” Leah returned in a subdued voice. “I do humbly apologize for nearly launching your tower into space. I am not quite sure how it happened.”
~Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press~
This snippet is part of Team Netherworld's current WIP, Castle Necros, which is due for release on Kindle on Halloween 2019. Our hapless adventurers have found themselves in a foreboding dark tower which began making preparations for takeoff when they entered. Castle Ne…

Insecure Writers' Support Group May 2019: Cie Plans Ahead

Image copyright Conger Design on Pixabay

As the sort of person who tends to fly by the seat of my pants, I like to instill some discipline into my program by participating in writing prompts. However, as I discovered this year when participating in Camp NaNoWriMo plus the NaPoWriMo and Poems in April prompts at the same time on my poetry blog, and the A to Z challenge over at Naughty Netherworld Press, too many prompts can feel more like a cluster flock than an inspiration.

This nightmare vision is a massive flock of starlings. I don't have a bird phobia, but I find this a bit unsettling. I don't like swarms of anything, and that includes people.
Camp NaNoWriMo is much more flexible than NaNoWriMo. I was using it as a tool to inspire me to pull together my first poetry book. I'm not sure it succeeded. 
NaPoWriMo's prompts are optional. One can participate in NaPoWriMo without ever using one of their prompts.
Poems in April's prompts are not flexible.
The A to Z blogging challenge doesn't have any hard and fast rules other than, you know, having your posts go in alphabetical order. The subject you choose is up to you. 
I used the A to Z challenge to introduce the bold and bawdy characters from Naughty Netherworld Press' Carnal Invasion series to the world. This was enjoyable but labor-intensive. I don't think it would be a bad thing to plan next year's A to Z Challenge this year and have at least a rough draft version of the posts ready to go for next year.
For the poetry project, I believe that next year I am going to go with Carpe Diem's Spring Kigo. This will work fine with NaPoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo, plus there is a feeling of continuity, and I can hone my Haiku. There are people who loathe Haiku. I am not among them.
If either the NaPoWriMo or Poems in April prompts strike my fancy, I can hammer out a bonus poem. My -666 fans will be thrilled!
I had planned to answer the Insecure Writers' Support Group question in this month's post, but I'm not going to--again. Maybe next time.



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