Don't Wait, Resonate! (Free for Five Days)

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If you're sick to death of this damn pandemic...

If you're pissed as hell at the bullshit storm unleashed on a daily basis by Cheeto Twitler, the Megalomaniac Moron in Chief...

Why wait? Grab a copy of this pissed-off poetry volume and commiserate!

Best of all, it's yours for the amazing price of free from May 20 through May 24, 2020.

Some like it snarky, especially when it comes to politics and particularly when it comes to the spray-tanned parasite occupying the White House.

But for some, snarky doesn't go far enough. 

This book takes it all the way to scathing. 

If that's the way you like your tea, get it FREE from May 20th to May 24th.

Support independent snark today. Granted, it's no stimulus check, but it's a book with a bite to inspire you to keep up the fight. Get yours!

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