What Pegman Saw in Quinghain, Haibei

On an alternate version of Earth, Pegman watched as four figures, two men and two women, fell through a wormhole in front of a lonely temple in the deserted city of Quinghain, Haibei. The young Chinese woman gasped in horror as she glanced about the eerily silent scene. None of the quartet spoke aloud, but they could hear one another’s thoughts.

“We have come to the Far East,” a tall, Middle Eastern man in cleric’s robes mused.

“What year is this?” wondered a fair-complexioned Caucasian man, also clad in cleric’s garb.

“It’s like this place is a reflection of the world,” the Japanese-Caucasian woman with piercing blue eyes noted. “The color seems to have been washed out of everything.”

“Where has everyone gone?” the Chinese woman demanded. “I must know what happened to the people!”

Before the others could stop her, the panicked woman hurried away into the abandoned city.

~Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press~

It has been an age since I did a Weekend Writing Warriors or Sunday Snippet. I want to get back in the swing of things. I am working on multiple projects including a collection of Pegman flashes, so I thought this flash would be a good place to get back in the game 

The characters in this Pegman flash are part of the Carnal Invasion series. I am currently working on a new Carnal Invasion epic called "A Fine Mess in Space and Time." I am projecting that it will take about five years to complete this project.

The characters featured in this flash are a group of vampire-werewolf hybrids who are having a bit of bad luck with wormholes.

I created the Weekend Writing Warriors and What Pegman Saw banners using stock images on Pixlr. Please feel free to use them if you'd like. No credit is necessary.

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  1. I can see how it would be shocking to appear through a wormhole to find that a place you thought should be filled with people is actually totally abandoned! Even if they are vampire-werewolves, I suppose.

    What a cool image that is, too. I wonder why people tied those colorful scarves onto the door rings. Seems like a hint of some interesting cultural practice...

    1. I'm curious about the scarves too. I have to admit that I don't really know.

  2. Hey Cie! Good to "see" you. :-)

    This has an interesting premise. So many questions. In your Pegman writing, do they travel to different places and time via wormholes? Are they at the mercy of the wormhole as far as destination?

    I hope you have a good Mother's Day. :-)

    1. Hi Teresa,
      Pegman pops up whenever or wherever. This group happened to fall through a wormhole. I'm working on numerous projects and Pegman might make an appearance in any of them!

  3. It can't be good if she ran off alone like that. I'm curious to no more.

    1. Hi Karen. I think the whole scene isn't a particularly good one, although Tiffany tends to be a bit melodramatic.

  4. Welcome back -- especially with such a great snippet. I don't think the woman was smart to run away like that, into the unknown if not into danger.

  5. An excellent and idiosyncratic take on the prompt. I like the way you used the story to highlight the different personalities of your characters.

  6. I'm curious about where this is going! Great snippet!

    1. Hi Brittany,
      I'm kind of curious where it's going myself! I'm working on numerous scenarios at the moment. Or at any given moment, really.

  7. Okay, they've caught my attention!! Nice to have you back, Cie!!

    1. Thanks. I'm hoping for some real life stuff to settle out so I can be more consistent.

  8. Glad to see you back. Interesting new story. Look forward to reading more.


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