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M/M erotica, sci-fi


While fleeing fearsome Pingucury raiders, hunky roughnecks Iker Macauley and Peregrine Varga encountered Ohannes Hertz, a pleasure clone left for dead at Lord Gabriel Blackwood's ranch. The grateful Ohannes offered the pair a place to hide and refresh themselves, and the trio became intimately acquainted.

Iker and Peregrine hope to get Ohannes to the safety of the monastery before they return to company headquarters for their new assignment, but their mission is interrupted by a group of randy renegade soldiers under the command of the rogue general Darden Bissette. 

Finn Storm is an amphibious pleasure clone created by Bissette to fulfill his merman fantasies. Finn is full of surprises and Ohannes swiftly falls under the seductive siren's spell.


The first 10 sentences.

Okay, it's eleven.

I know you frequent flyers will have a strange feeling of Deja Vu when reading this.

Ohannes Herod Hertz was disconsolate about having to leave the only home he had ever known. The young pleasure clone insisted on looking through his master’s bedroom for a memento.

“Son, we really don’t have time,” roughneck foreman Iker Mehmûd Macauley insisted. “The military or the Pingucury could come through here at any minute. We need to get moving early if we’re to have any hope of getting to the monastery by nightfall.”

“Let him see if he can find a little something to take with him, Ike,” Peregrine Cenric Varga countered. “The poor kid is losing everything he’s ever known. Let’s make it quick, though, Ohannes. The Pingucury usually attack at night, but they’re unpredictable. The military is supposed to protect civilians, but there’s a lot of corruption in the ranks. I’d prefer to avoid the lot of them.”

And now, the rest of the chapter.

Content warning for explicit erotica in the end paragraph.

Yeah, I know, we're all adults, and given the nature of this blog, you should probably expect this sort of thing from time to time. But as a former medical professional, I adhere to the CYA Policy and, thus, am issuing a warning to those who may be shocked by a smutty paragraph from an author who publishes smut.

“I’ll hurry,” Ohannes promised. “I just want to see if I can find some jewelry and maybe a shirt or a jacket, just a memento to remind me of Master Blackwood and connect me to him so I’ll see him again someday.”

“I hope this kid’s romantic notions don’t wind us up in a pack of trouble,” Iker muttered to Peregrine as Ohannes searched through his master’s opulent suite for keepsakes. “Do you think his master had real feelings for him? You looked at the roster. Blackwood had thirteen pretty clone boys to serve the desires of himself and his guests. He passed Skinny around like a party favor. I think he might have been proud of his sexy little investment, but I doubt they had a soul bond. Boy’s fooling himself if he believes that.”

“Ohannes is certainly naïve, but we don’t know what kind of bond he had with Blackwood. He might have been the old boy’s numero uno.”

“I know that Pretty Boy wants to rescue Blackwood, and I hope the monks can talk him out of it.”

Iker peeked into the suite. Ohannes was putting on a pair of black stone earrings shaped like stars. The willowy young man ran his finger over a pair of glimmering golden cufflinks. A black stone carved in the shape of a letter G adorned one cufflink and a letter B adorned the other.

“Put ‘em in your carrying bag and let’s scat,” Iker commanded. “We ain’t got all day to traipse down memory lane, Babycakes.”

“What was Master Blackwood’s first name?” Peregrine inquired as the trio exited the suite, Ohannes turning back for a last wistful look.

“Gabriel,” Ohannes replied. “When the other fellows and I were serving guests at a party, he was always Master Blackwood, but when we were alone together, he asked me to call him Gabe. He was always gentle with me. Even when he whipped me, he was careful not to really hurt me. I liked being spanked with the riding crop before he fucked me in front of his guests. I loved feeling his thick cock pounding my ass while I watched the partygoers jerking off.”

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I was going to feature the entire first chapter from General Bissette's A.I.'s as a special surprise but decided that it would be silly not to use the MFRW Tweet Day to promote The Merman and the Sub-Marines. I will leave the information here for those interested in checking out this out-of-sequence double-feature special.

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  1. I really like your writing but have complicated feelings about the subject matter.
    I really hope that Ohannes is right and that Mr Blackwood DID have special feelings for him. Just the same that sort of relationship is so alien to me I have difficulties with it. I really, really dislike the Mr Blackwoods of this world. Which is my issue and not related to your writing. I do hope this makes sense.

    1. Please don't feel beholden to like all of my writing. It's kind of odd to me that I write erotica at all, given the fact that I have all the libido of an old boot. This may be why I prefer to write m/m erotica, because, obviously, I can't have that sort of relationship. I try to keep these stories more on the light-hearted side, but I always end up making things more complicated than they should be. I write what I write, and half the time I don't understand why myself.

  2. Last paragraph really shows the world he's leaving. The snippet really shows his sense of loss around it. Will be interesting to see how he copes.

  3. While many people would not consider that a normal relationship, it definitely meant a lot to Ohannes.

  4. To me, it doesn't seem like this guy is worth keeping the memory alive.

  5. In my opinion, no one has the right to judge the special relationship between a master and a slave. That's a special bond - and can look very different from the outside.

  6. I like the way you combine sweet sentiment with sensuality.

  7. Great excerpt! Thanks for sharing!

  8. For Ohannes to have such loyalty for Master Blackwood, there must be something good about the man even though he sounds like an insensitive beast. Ohannes needs to experience true caring and love.

  9. This excerpt shows that not all relationships are the same. It sounds like they had a special connection.

  10. Yeah, all the other comments. :-) It is a very complicated sort of relationship and scene. Like others, I hope Blackwood had sincere feelings for Ohannes. This is actually a pretty deep subject considering the current and projected future of AI. Is the relationship truly consensual? Or did Blackwood merely use a machine for its designed purpose? In this futuristic version of AI, is Ohannes more than a machine--given the ability to consent or not to consent?

    Maybe I think too much. Maybe not, and I'm reading this just as you designed it to be read: thought-provoking.

  11. I hope Iker and Pergrine can replace Gabriel Blackwood in his heart.

  12. Interesting view of a future society. I agree that "pleasure robotics" is probably going to lead to most of the AI breakthroughs. Male nature being what it is, the idea of having a functioning AI that exists only for your pleasure--that you can put into a closet when you don't need it, is probably what's driving the research as we speak. And if you're still "in the closet" then no one will know what sex you designed your robot to be--or how you use it. The problem will be when the AIs begin to develop consciousness of their own--as you depict here. Then what? Great excerpt!


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