Naughty Netherworld News 13 April 2021

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Hi subscribers,
Sorry to whinge into your inbox. I'm not having fun right now.

I'm waiting, and I'm not a patient person, so I don't like waiting.

One of the things I was waiting for--my medications for the month--did arrive about 15 minutes ago.

I'm waiting for a freezer which was supposed to have been delivered yesterday. For more on that mess and a valuable lesson so you can avoid a mess like that, visit this post.

I'm waiting for Amazon to publish Cloned Heat IV. For more on that mess and to read the first chapter, follow this link.

I'm waiting for this asshole process server to show up and serve me papers regarding a debt that I can't pay or I would have paid it. The people at Discover were understanding about my being on disability and haven't harassed me. Confident Financial Solutions, from whom I took out a loan to get my POS car that was always breaking down repaired 5 years ago? Not so much. I was making payments on the loan but then ended up losing my last nursing job and was working for Uber Eats. I couldn't continue paying them.

I tried to talk to the collection agency yesterday but they were rude A.F., unlike Discover, so now I have to wait for this process server who will arrive "between 11 and 3, so have your I.D. ready."

I don't know how people who do those jobs sleep at night.

Back in 1986, I worked for a lawyer who did evictions and collections. I didn't sleep well at night. I listened sympathetically to people, but there was nothing I could do to help them. I ended up getting fired from that job because I refused to change a date on a court docket--something that I could have gone to jail for if I'd been caught. 

If I could drink, I would be.

Hope your week is going better.

Ornery Owl Has Spoken

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