Naughty Netherworld News 18 October 2021


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Sometimes Amazon's dumbassery is actually a good thing. They never got around to changing the name of the Team Netherworld author page. This may work in my favor, as I ended up deciding that I favor the byline C.L. Hart for my non-erotic fiction writing. 

C.L. Hart is close to my real name (Cara Hartley), which I use as my byline for poetry. I may start including the Ornery Owl byline on my poetry books in parentheses. After all, it's only fair that people are aware that they are dealing with a round, grouchy owl who writes epic poetry.

I'm still working on my piece for submission to The Colour Out of Deathlehem, which will be published by Grinning Skull Press. I'm currently at 7000 words (the cap is 10,000 words.) The story will need a little cleanup. You know, a word or two here and there, because I am that proficient. First draft? Hah! No such thing! My stories flow from my fingertips in a state of perfection that causes lesser authors to have nervous breakdowns!

If you believe that, I have some great beachfront property in Tombstone, Arizona that you are sure to appreciate.

Anyway, such is life here in the sticks in my tower of doom. I know that you all live for these scintillating updates so I make sure to provide them when I can. After all, I wouldn't want to keep my adoring public of -666 fans hanging.

~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

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 Thank you for your understanding!

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  1. It is wonderful that just occasionally Amazon fuckery works in your favour.


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