Charity Sunday: Black Cat Holistic Rescue plus a Sweet and Spicy Treat for Fans of Erotic Romance


Lafayette was one of my best friends in the world. It's guaranteed that whenever I write about him, I will be crying. I lost him on his sixth birthday, 17 July 2015.

Lafayette and his little half-sister or cousin Tara were both rescues from a feral colony. I adopted them from the Adams County Animal Shelter in early March of 2010. It was one of the happiest days of my life. Losing Lafayette was one of the worst. I still have Tara.

Both Lafayette and Tara were very inbred. Sadly, Lafayette's problems were fatal. I had no idea how sick he was. I was in the middle of changing jobs and was trying in vain to get treatment for my sciatica, which was causing me severe pain. I will always feel like I let Lafayette down because I thought he was having a flare-up of feline stomatitis and would need his remaining teeth removed. Both he and Tara had to have most of their teeth removed because of the condition.

Lafayette was, in fact, experiencing multiple system failure. I had to make the horrible decision to have him put to sleep as there was nothing that could be done for him. He probably wouldn't have lasted the weekend. I will always feel like I let him down and wonder if he might still be with me if I had acted sooner. I was so wrapped up in my own mess of a life.

Tara has a condition called mast cell disease, which is more common in dogs than cats. It causes the proliferation of usually benign tumors. She had a few of these tumors removed in 2021.

"Imperfect" animals like Lafayette and Tara need human friends to take a chance on them. They are worth it. Black cats are often the last to be adopted from shelters. Black cats also experience bias as some people still ignorantly believe that they are "unlucky" or diabolical. It's amazing that anyone could think such a thing in the twenty-first century, but people do.

Cats, especially black cats, need to be kept indoors at Halloween because some people are not just ignorant, they are deliberately cruel and will target cats with ill intent. Please keep your cats safe inside at least until Halloween has passed. 

A little extra treat for Halloween. This image was designed for me by the wonderful Mexican Chibi artist Kamidiox to honor my two favorite Lafayettes: my furry son and the delightful character he was named for. Love always for my little buddy and for dear Nelsan Ellis, also gone too young.

Kami does a lot of Supernatural fan art, but she will also work with other fandoms and non-fandom-related projects. She is currently helping me illustrate a family-friendly book about a misunderstood vampire. You can learn more about Kami at the following link. Her rates are very reasonable.

Blast, my eyes are leaking again. How am I going to maintain my reputation as a misanthropic curmudgeon and also a curmudgeonly misanthrope if this keeps up?

I am donating a dollar for every comment received on this post to the Black Cat Holistic Rescue of Los Angeles in honor of Lafayette and with love for black cats (and all cats). Per their site, they are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, no-kill animal rescue organization that specializes in saving black cats and kittens by pulling them out of high-kill shelters and off the streets of Los Angeles, fostering them and finding adoptive families to give them a forever home.

Naughty Netherworld Press has a sweet treat for fans of erotic romance. Thru October 31 (Halloween, that is!) you can nab your copy of Lil DeVille's sexy, fun-size novelette, The Shape of Heat: Awakening for the fantastic price of not one single cent. Yes, you can always borrow the book from Kindle Unlimited, but for the next few days, you can grab a copy to keep, absolutely free! Get yours here:

GenreErotica (BDSM, m/m, m/f/f menage)

#bisexual #menage #m/m #m/f/f #BDSM #spanking #discipline #first time

Length: 10,000 Words

Heat Level: Nuclear Blast (5 Flames)

When you’re surrounded by lust, an awakening of desire is inevitable.


Candi knew hot things happened behind closed doors at the Pearl Beach Resort. After all, the place was owned by bisexual billionaire playboy Boris van Donk, who had a reputation for taking on all comers. 

Candi's family of origin was strictly religious, and she has never given or received more than a chaste kiss in her 21 years. Between bad-boy Boris and her geeky, fun-loving, porn-writing housemates, an awakening of her desires is inevitable. 

Free use image from Mystic Art Design on Pixabay



Twenty-one-year-old Candida Peters was the baby of the group. She was a sweet-faced young Caucasian woman with shoulder-length, cinnamon-colored hair, and warm hazel eyes. During today’s meeting, Candi revealed her dissatisfaction with her physique. Just five feet two inches tall, the young woman lamented the imbalance between her modest bust, curvy hips, and thick thighs. No matter how much she dieted and exercised, her lower half never became svelte enough for her liking.

Candi watched the ensuing mock wrestling match between her companions and thought that Parsifal was lucky Luisa liked him. Luisa was fun, gregarious, and pretty in an understated way with her sleek, shoulder-length black hair, ebony eyes, and caramel complexion. She had a square-jawed face and a ready smile. She usually cracked jokes to diffuse tense situations but was ready and able to defend herself and her friends physically if it came to that. Sometimes Luisa reminded Candi of an angry snake, always poised to strike.

Candi wondered what had happened in Luisa’s life to make her so defensive. She knew Luisa left L.A. to escape a dangerous situation. Candi realized she didn’t even know the real name of her companion of the past three years. She didn’t feel that Luisa presented any danger to her; in fact, there were few people whose presence made her feel safer. Still, she wondered about the details of the incident that led Luisa to run to a remote Caribbean island under a new alias.

Like Parsifal, Candi hailed from Tennessee. Luisa noted the pair were like two sides of a coin. Parsifal was chatty and extroverted while Candi was shy and reserved.

Candi’s exodus to Moonlight Island at eighteen years old served two purposes: to learn skills that would hopefully lead to gainful employment and independence and to discover who she was away from her staunchly religious family of origin.

Although Candi knew Luisa and Parsifal enjoyed her company, she sometimes felt like she didn’t really fit in with them. She was only slightly younger than her companions but was much less experienced in life. Unlike her lusty compadres, Candi was still a virgin, a state which seemed unlikely to change anytime soon.

Candi never wanted to do anything to jeopardize her friendship with the two people she trusted most in the world. Recently, however, she felt that Luisa and Parsifal had been keeping secrets from her. She felt it wise to address the issue before her suspicions morphed into full-blown mistrust.


About Lil DeVille

Lil puts the Naughty in Naughty Netherworld Press. With her cheeky sense of humor, big imagination, and quirky characters, she spins one-of-a-kind tales guaranteed never to skimp on love and lust. She enjoys writing in the fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal or supernatural genres, but sometimes she returns to modern-day Earth for a spell. Lil enjoys a good adventure, whether the tale is set in the past, the present, or the future; here on Earth or in some distant, fanciful location in time and space.

Lil lives in a remote rural town in the Colorado-Wyoming-Nebraska triad with her adult son and three cats. She would be happy to write full-time, but since she is not yet a bestselling author, she has to dedicate part of her time to promoting her work.

Lil doesn’t particularly enjoy the promotion aspect of being an indie author because she has severe social anxiety. She enjoys virtually “meeting” her readers and fellow authors but hates selling herself. She prefers to let her stories do the talking.

Lil is a disabled former nurse who no longer works outside the home. When she isn’t cooking up hot stories, she enjoys baking, reading, crafts, and playing mobile games.

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to Lafayette! It's always terrible to lose one of our animal family. You shouldn't feel responsible for his death, though. Each of us has our time... and you gave him a loving home for five years.

    Thanks for joining Charity Sunday once again. I hope the Shape of Heat is doing well!


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