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I tried putting an adult content warning on this blog, but when I click the "let me in" button, I never get in. I just get redirected back to the adult content warning, so I took the adult content warning off.

Blogger has been pissing me off today. I had to move a book promo post over to this blog from Reader's Roost because Blogger's idiot bot decided the post was Spam or impure or both. This post actually has a lot more unique content than many of the posts at Reader's Roost, which are purely promotional.

I had a WordPress blog 10 years ago and I hated it. Blogger is simpler to work with but it's far from perfect. I'll go for long stretches of time with no real problems and then get hit with crap like this where I want to tell them to go fuck themselves.

If anyone can see any particular issue with the post that might be causing it to trigger Blogger's shithead bots to mark it as spam or whatever, let me know. I can't for the life of me figure it out and, of course, there's no place to dispute their idiotic decision. Fuckers.

I'm fine with placing the blog behind an adult content warning, but not if readers can't ever get beyond the adult content warning! Work with me here!

To read more about the incident that triggered this rant, check out this post.

~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

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  1. Blogger is having a LOT of issues at the moment. Many of which seem senseless.


I try to get comments published as quickly as possible. I have ADHD and anxiety and sometimes I need to work myself up to be able to respond to comments. I don't always reply to comments on my blog, but I do try to visit as many people as possible when I participate in blog hops. I share your work on the monthly Roost Recommendations posts at ornerybookemporium.blogspot.com so others can discover your work. I do read and appreciate your comments.
Sorry, the Captcha is back and this time it's staying. I was inundated with spam comments when I turned it off. I wish butt rash on all the spammers out there.

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