Transportation: MFRW Book Hooks 23 September 2020


The Blurb

Geeky Gandy Stafford's lifelong fantasy comes true when he meets the otherworldly Dorma and Desyra. These last remnants of a botched extraterrestrial invasion discover that they require a great deal of energy to maintain their human forms.

The easiest way to obtain essential power?

Sex, and lots of it.

The Snippet

 Having finished his tasks for the night, Gandy invited the aliens to ride with him in his 1975 Ford Pinto.

“This car is kind of a zero,” he apologized. “I don’t know how it even keeps running.”

“It is transportation,” Desyra said matter-of-factly.

“Yeah, that’s true. Transportation it is. Hopefully, it will transport us to my place without a problem. Okay, so I live in a little townhouse by myself, but my pops owns it, and we’ll have to be quiet. My neighbors are kind of busybodies, and they’d be more than happy to tell my old man that I brought home a couple of girls. He probably wouldn’t believe anything happened, so I guess it really doesn’t matter, though. Say, your people are pretty advanced, right? Why don’t you just take over the planet?”

“That was our fleet’s orders. But there are only two of us now.”

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  1. Another enticing snippet.
    And this time Gandy's father is very wrong. Which pleases me.

  2. All is going just fine -- until the aliens respond to his question about taking over the planet. That one's quite a shocker.

  3. Another great hook! This book seems original and fun. Thanks for sharing!



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