Weekend Writing Warriors 6 September 2020

The Notes
In the previous snippet, Cockney ghouls Robin Roberts and Little John Tamboli discuss the presence of Ketil and Yitzy at the storied Xura Dream House. You can read last week's snippet here.

The Snippet
Just as Ketil and Yitzy were about to enter the House of Lost Dreams, an impressively tall and corpulent ghoul and his diminutive companion approached. The small ghoul was feasting on a piece of liver while his large friend consumed a chunk of thigh.

“Excuse and pardon us, good chaps,” the portly ghoul demurred, tipping his newsboy cap. “Before you enter this place of occultish occurrence, my chum and I would like to take just a peek on your behalf, simply to ensure that you will have a perfectly safe and relaxing visit.”

“Are you perhaps new around here, old tomtenisse?” Ketil inquired. “Surely, I would recall seeing such an impressive ghoul as yourself previously, but there again, I have seen many ghouls. I ask if you are new, because if you were accustomed to the ways of Xura, you would know that this is not a house of relaxation and recreation. It is a house not well to enter unless one must. Even then it is a house not well to enter, but one must.”

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  1. If ghouls are warning each other not to go in, I wonder what's inside.

    1. Something capable of making ghouls leery. Or they may just be the Scooby and Shaggy of the ghoul world.

  2. I love these lines: "It is a house not well to enter unless one must. Even then it is a house not well to enter, but one must.”

    Yikes! I sure wouldn't enter. lol

    Good snippet, Cie!

  3. Hmm, I don't think I'd trust those guys to make sure ensure my safety.

  4. Love this clip! Ketil certainly clapped back at them.

  5. I'm very interested to find out what's inside and whether it'll live up to their hype.

  6. I admire your mastery of all this dialogue, which stays "in tune" with itself and is so complex...the snippet sure raises questions inagoodway!

  7. I had to look up 'tomtenisse' -- which is fine. I like learning new words. Like another commenter above, I wondered what critter the liver and thigh came from.

  8. Ghouls with right proper English accents - made me smile.

  9. Interesting. Warnings not to enter.


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