Weekend Writing Warriors 20 September 2020

The Notes
Last time, Robin annoyed Ketil with his speculations regarding Yitzy.

The Snippet
“Apologies for me partner,” the large ghoul interjected, again doffing his newsboy cap. “We are new to the Land of Xura, but we have heard of you and the House of Lost Dreams, Ketil Nagel. I am John Tamboli the Tambourine Man, otherwise known as Little John, and this is my bosom companion Robin Roberts, or Robin Hood, as he prefers.”

“Yes, well, I am sure he has robbed many hoods,” Ketil quipped. “It is nice to make your acquaintance at any rate, Little John. I am not yet convinced of the pleasure of making Big Robin’s acquaintance, but my friend Yitzy has instilled in me the belief that one should avoid making hasty judgments, and possibly hasty puddings, if one is not well versed in cooking such. All humor aside, however, I am not sure it would be well for a ghoul to enter this house. It is my experience that ghouls not born ghoul become ghouls because of traumatic circumstances, and this house has a tendency to try and make one relive their traumas. Regardless of what you may have heard, there is no gold, glory, nor benevolent magic to be found in this malign structure.”

“But adventure there is, yes?” Robin inquired, holding the door open for his companions.

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Does anyone else hate, hate, hate Blogger's new dashboard and post editor? I hate it with the fiery fury of a billion suns going supernova at once.


  1. A horror house for ghouls. That's something I've never heard of. Interesting!

  2. This does make me wonder what they're after. I'm fairly sure it's not just adventure!

  3. I think I'm going to enjoy Robin! :)

  4. Sounds like Robin is up for adventure no matter what. I personally would heed the warning. A house that makes you relive your traumas is not a very nice house at all.

  5. I like the Robin Hood and Little John spin! Nice!

    I don't do a lot n Blogger, just wewriwa. Anyway, I haven't noticed a lot of difference. You seem to be very tech savvy, so it might bother you more than me. :-) Why does it seem like tech updates always goof thing up??

  6. I like these ghouls. I hope they don't suffer too much here.

  7. The best line in this post isn't part of your snippet. "I hate it with the fiery fury of a billion suns going supernova at once." Why don't you tell us how you really feel.

  8. Right, nothing hasty shall occur, clearly! Enjoyed the snippet, your mastery of the linguistic intricacies is really something else!

  9. Interesting as always. And more warnings to be heeded. Looking forward to what's next... or should I be...


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