Weekend Writing Warriors 13 September 2020

The Notes
Last time, Ketil and Ytizy met ghouls Little John Tamboli and Robin Roberts outside the Xura Dream House.

The Snippet
“We have heard of the House of Lost Dreams, young blond shade of a fencepost,” the small ghoul cackled. “We have also heard of Lord Ketil Morbid. Dead as a doornail has he been since the age of twenty-five, but a lost soul he is not, per se, for he is spotted everywhere about the Dreamlands. This companion of yours we have not seen previously, Lord Morbid. Is this the legendary Eihort, come to convolute and pollute our brains with his parasitic brood?”

“This is not Eihort, and well you know it, annoying tomtenisse,” Ketil retorted. “Eihort is described as a ‘bloated blanched oval, supported on a myriad of fleshless legs’ with eyes continuously forming in its gelatinous body. This is my friend Yitzy, a member of the venerated Great Race of Yith. Anyone with working vision can see that his body is conical, not ovoid. He has no legs, only a great snail-like foot upon which he glides surprisingly gracefully, and he has a constant set of three eyes; further, his form is far more rubbery than gelatinous.”

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  1. I love visualizing from your fantastical descriptions. The ghouls are my favs!

  2. Interesting description of the various ghosts and ghouls!

  3. Great description! You really make it easy to envision Yitzy. :-)

  4. "Young blonde shadow of a fencepost" is almost Shakespearean as an insult LOL. Enjoyed the vivid descriptions in the snippet!

  5. Reading this, I'd already formulated a comment about how ugly this Eihort is ... but then I read about Yitzy, and he's just as bad. They're both extremely vivid creations.

  6. Interesting descriptions this week.

  7. Love the descriptions of the ghouls! Interesting world (though not one I'd want to live in).

  8. Ketil sounds so sassy, I love the dialogue here!

  9. Interesting and intriguing descriptions, and unique to what we commonly consider ghouls. Great job.


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