In the Jopsan Market


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In the Jopsan Market

“We are here,” he said, and Rilpu could see the gleam of his perfect white teeth in the phosphorescent glow of the map. “The star is called Lerna, the planet is called Kilnic, this moon is called Lythalia. Oh, splendid! This may work in your favor. Lythalia is an ally of Rokon and Yig. This city, famous for its marketplaces and infamous for its dens of thieves is Sakrab. This marketplace is the Jopsan Market. Fortunately, we should not have to worry about cutpurses, for the straps of these satchels are not easily hewn by normal blades.”

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This is a paragraph from my WIP, The Key of Eidolon. It was inspired by the Friday Fictioneers prompt for 6 November 2020.

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  1. Market places and thieves go together well. And, of course, some of the thieves are 'respectable' stall holders.


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