The Key of Eidolon: Histrionics


“You won’t intimidate me with your histrionics!” Virgil snapped at the glowering ghost. “I came to this house to get laid, and you screwed that up for me, but there’s nothing you can do to stop me from getting my rocks off in the waking world, Lord Morbid!”


I needed a prompt for the next segment of the newest chapter in my WIP, The Key of Eidolon. I found the Weekend Writing Prompt from Sammi’s Scribbles.

Now, this paragraph may not be a work of literary genius, but it’s damn amusing. I hope that it made you chuckle too.

To follow along with the misadventures of the long-suffering Lord Morbid and his chaotic crew as well as learning about a lot of other zany goodness, be sure to add to your blog list.

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  1. I hope he is wrong and that he is permanently frustrated.

  2. How dare Lord Morbid get in his way! Funny and fun.


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