Weekend Writing Warriors #157!

Weekend Writing Warriors #157!

This was fun! I wonder what her fortune will be.

I used to be able to comment on this author's blog, but now it seems that my comments get eaten. 

I just realized that there were share buttons on the blog. Derp!

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  1. The eaten comments seem to be a blogger glitch at the moment. It has beset me on many sites (yours included). 'Mostly' if I come back later I can comment again. Sometimes signing out and in again does the trick. Bad words are spoken.


I try to get comments published as quickly as possible. I have ADHD and anxiety and sometimes I need to work myself up to be able to respond to comments. I don't always reply to comments on my blog, but I do try to visit as many people as possible when I participate in blog hops. I share your work on the monthly Roost Recommendations posts at ornerybookemporium.blogspot.com so others can discover your work. I do read and appreciate your comments.
Sorry, the Captcha is back and this time it's staying. I was inundated with spam comments when I turned it off. I wish butt rash on all the spammers out there.

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