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Last week, I finished sharing as much of Coming to Earth as I'm willing to give away. I'm sharing Down on the Farm with the MFRW Steam hop, so today I'm going to start sharing snippets from Stripped to Please, the third novelette in the Carnal Invasion series. Links for purchasing the story or the first collection follow the snippet.

The Blurb
When spoiled rich college boy Maxwell Bancroft decides to stop in at the XXX Show Club, he meets two sexy strippers who are literally out of this world.

The Snippet

Maxwell Bancroft had never been particularly good at anything, but Daddy’s money always bought him whatever he needed. That is, until Magnus Bancroft went and married Gloria Mack, who had a nice daughter about Maxwell’s age, and Max thought it would be fun to seduce his goody two-shoes stepsister and ruin her for every other guy who came along.

It wasn’t hard for Max to get Wella Mack into his bed, but that wasn’t because Wella was easy. Wella was proud of having held onto her virginity for twenty years. Max convinced Wella that theirs was a love that defied all odds. He assured her that there was no-one else in his heart. He told Wella that he loved her and succeeded easily at seducing the innocent and romantic young woman into bed.

The problem was, where Max succeeded, the condom failed, and Wella, who had been chaste until she met Max, was not on the pill. Wella fell pregnant, and now Max was being punished for his stupidity.

There are two ways to get your copy of Stripped to Please.
You can either buy the individual story or purchase the Carnal Invasion collection, which contains the first four Carnal Invasion stories.

Buy Stripped to Please on Kindle for $0.99

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And now, I ain't too proud to beg, y'all.

My poor little Coming to Earth went for two years with no ratings, and now its first rating is one star. I didn't read what was said, I don't need to be in a bad mood for the rest of the year. But if any of you would be willing to review the story, I'll send you a copy. 

Hopefully, you'll like it, but regardless of the rating you give it, I will feature a book of your choice at Readers Roost 
( as a thank you for giving it a chance. By feature, I don't mean I'll just throw out a link. You send me your media kit and/or Blogger-friendly HTML post, and I will post a bona fide promo post and share it on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for you.

Folks, I know that Coming to Earth is not five-star material. To be honest, I wrote it as a joke, but I developed a bit of a soft spot for it. I think it's worth at least three stars. Anyway, I would really appreciate the help lifting my little story out of the muck, if you can give it. 

And now for the inevitable...

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  1. Loved this!
    The problem was, where Max succeeded, the condom failed, and Wella, who had been chaste until she met Max, was not on the pill. Wella fell pregnant, and now Max was being punished for his stupidity.

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  2. Interesting excerpt. I hope Maxwell finds some way to redeem himself after the horribly way he treated Wella.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. You play you gotta pay. Got what hh deserves. But what? Intriguing snippet. LOL Thanks for sharing.


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