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The Blurb
The fate of the Cosmos rests in the hands of an unlikely team of unusual friends. Will an exiled member of an ancient extraterrestrial race, a human ghost, and two ghouls be able to outfox an ancient evil and beat Nyarlathotep at his game before time runs out? This buddy story is the first in a series of New Cthulhu Mythos cliffhangers.

The Notes
Last time Ketil chided Robin for always thinking of his stomach.

The Snippet

“Garron with ya, yer snooty Kraut!” Robin sniffed. “Tryin’ to help me mate, I was. I’m just sayin’ it ain’t smart to be too introspective in this bloody place. Best to nibble on a good piece of well-cured meat and live for today. Always look forward and never back, that’s my philosophy.”

“Aw, Robin, I thanks yer!” John sniffled. “Yer just great, Old China Plate, and yer quite right, ya know. I suppose I found meself regretting that I never had a chance to open me own bakery as was me dream. It’s too late now, though.”

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  1. And yet again the phrase 'Never too late' is proved wrong. I suspect that John is right and he will indeed never own a bakery. Or am I wrong? Again.

  2. I have a feeling Robin is going to tell him it's somehow not too late.

  3. Yup, too late for the bakery dream, time to move on! Enjoyed the snippet (shudder to think what kind of pies he'd bake now, as a ghoul LOL).

  4. I'm curious about the reference to Old Chinese Plate. The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat...side by side on the table sat... Any relation? You are doing a wonderful job of bringing their chemistry out. They are clicking. :-)

  5. These characters continue to leap off the page.

  6. I'm still really enjoying their dialogue! They have quite the chemistry.


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