IWSG 4 November 2020: I Write Because Nobody Listens


Aaaaaand the IWSG Question 'o' the Month is...

Albert Camus once said, “The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself.” Flannery O’Conner said, “I write to discover what I know.” Authors across time and distance have had many reasons to write. Why do you write what you write?

The real, bare-bones truth of why I write is because I don't know how to do anything else and because I probably would have offed myself long ago if I didn't write. So I write to make the wrong seem right even if nothing can ever really be right. I write because, in my literary world, I can make sense of things that will never make sense. Also because in my literary world:

I wrote this post ahead of time. I'm an American citizen, so I'm hoping that at the point when this post publishes, we'll be on our way to ousting the rotting pumpkin-head from the White House. Gee, whoever could have predicted that electing a malignant narcissist reality TV star with manure for brains could have turned out so badly? Can we not do that again? 

I always said that if people wanted a reality TV star president with a fake tan, they should have written in Snooki. She wouldn't have been a good president either, but at least she wasn't hateful and rotten to the core.

All that aside, here is what I have been doing and the things I will be changing, because I know you all sit around waiting with bated breath for these posts, thinking to yourselves "what is Cie up to this time?"

Or something like that.

This year has been something of a nuclear disaster. I've been trying to get on disability. The car accident of which I speak is unrelated to my reasons for getting on disability, which have been going on for a lot longer.

I was in a car accident--no injuries except to the car. I was not at fault. Because it's an older car, the insurance company was trying to total it rather than pay for the bodywork. They agreed to cut me a check rather than paying for the repairs directly. This was a good thing because as it turned out, the insides of my tires were completely worn and I needed four new tires to the tune of $850. 

This whole mess has been stressful. But a lot of the stress I incur is because I've never learned how to say "no." I've always been pathologically terrified of disappointing people. However, it is impossible to be all things to everyone, and both my work and my mental state suffer when I overload myself. I am bad about taking breaks, and I can't recall the last time I had a day off.

I have three main blog hops that I do weekly.
MRFW Book Hooks

Snippet Sunday

Weekend Writing Warriors

I have one blog hop that I do monthly:
MFRW Steam 

I have decided that on MFRW Steam week, I am not going to participate in the regular MFRW hop. I like to try and visit every participant and share their work on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or wherever their share buttons lead. It's overwhelming when I try to do both the regular MFRW hop and the Steam hop in the same week.

I've also taken on too much recently when it comes to doing book reviews and that needs to stop because the quality of my work has suffered.

I can easily do cover reveals, book blitzes, and guest posts for the asking over at Readers Roost (http://ornerybookemporium.blogspot.com). The book tour sites that I work with send the HTML all ready to paste into a post, and I just have to schedule it and share it. It really doesn't cut into my regular work. 

Reviews are another story because I have to, you know, read the book.

My main source of income is the book reviews that I do for Online Book Club (http://www.onlinebookclub.org) so I have to prioritize them. At this point, except for children's books and cookbooks, it's too much for me to take on outside reviews. But I'm more than happy to do cover reveals and promo posts for the asking. 

I've also discovered that I greatly prefer proofreading to beta reading, so I removed the beta reading option from my literary services page. There are better beta readers than me out there, and I'm not embarrassed to admit it.

Lastly, I've been doing a vlog on LBRY. This is something I thought that I'd never do because I hate the sound of my voice. In all honesty, I never look at the stuff I record, I don't edit it, because I would want to jump out a window if I tried. I just put it out there. My vlog channel is auntciesattic on lbry.tv I read poetry and blather, if for some reason that interests you.

I was tired when I wrote this. I need to go inject my levemir so I don't fall asleep and then wake up at 2 AM realizing I didn't inject it. 

Diabetes is fuuuuun.

Nah, I'm just fooling with ya. It sucks ass.

Until next IWSG--or sooner! Come back and visit. There's always lots of crazy stuff going on here. 

~The Ornery Old Bat Has Spoken~

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  1. Your reasons for writing sound pretty damn good to me.
    Sadly the election looks to be too close to call at the moment though the fact that Trump is having a tantrum fills me with hope.

  2. My goodness, but you've been busy! I'll see you over at the #MFRWSteam blog hop.


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