Readers Roost: The Pornographer's Apprentice Book Promo and Guest...

Readers Roost: The Pornographer's Apprentice Book Promo and Guest...:   New Release! The Pornographer’s Apprentice The Toymakers Guild, Book 1 By Lisabet Sarai Steampunk Erotica, MF, MM, MFM, FF, etc...

Hear ye, hear ye! This book does not mess around! 

The Pornographer's Apprentice gets right to the pornographic apprenticing within the first two chapters. 

Some sex-packed books have no real story, just humping. Not so with The Pornographer's Apprentice. I will be writing a full review at a later date, but I've read about 1/4 of the advance review copy of this story. It is well written with a compelling plot as well as plenty of monitor-melting erotic heat. 

Readers who like their stories spicy should not miss this one.


  1. How nice (and rare) to read of a book which combines excellent writing, plot and steamy scenes.

  2. Thank you, Cie! I'm glad you're enjoying Gillian's adventures.


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