A to Z Blogging Challenge 2019: Commander Hathor

Commander Hathor is a high-ranking officer from the Gamma Iridian mother ship. Her Earthly form is that of an attractive Middle Eastern woman with a stern expression. Hathor commands respect, but she isn't nearly as hard-boiled as she tries to present herself as being.
Initially unable to understand the voracious sexual appetites of those of her kind dwelling on Earth, Commander Hathor's desires were awakened after encountering Desire, the cosmic elemental spawned by the union between Mistress Kali and Christy Ferdinand.

“Clearly your brain has atrophied, and you think only with your sexual organs. Still, you are correct that you were the perfect host for the Dark Avenger, given the unfortunate conditions in which she was gestated. You have stated your point of view, and I have heard you out. Now we must bring you to the laboratory so that you may complete parturition in optimal conditions. Squadron, attend!”
 --Commander Hathor

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