A to Z Blogging Challenge 2019: Qasim Qays

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Qasim Qays was a Romani-Egyptian bartender who was the lover of Ulrich's chauffeur and bodyguard, Siegfried Tahl. The description of their brief, tragic romance appeared in Carnal Invasion X: Carnal Carnival: Discovery.
Qasim was born April 3, 1900, in the Emirate of Bukhara to a seventeen-year-old Egyptian father and a nineteen-year-old Romani mother. The family traveled throughout the Middle East and Africa, and, eventually, ended up in Europe. The family expanded over time to include two more brothers and three sisters. Qasim always delighted in helping his parents with his younger siblings.
Qasim's entire family was rounded up while trying to help families escape to Switzerland from Latvia and died of typhus in the Salaspils concentration camp. At this point, Qasim was a broken man wishing only to die and join his family.
Qasim lived a Nomadic lifestyle following World War II. Helping others brought him a little comfort, but he never allowed himself to get close to anyone, moving on after those he assisted were on their feet enough to fend for themselves.
Qasim arrived in Munich in 1947 and ended up working at a "gentlemen's club." He quickly became aware that the "female" cabaret dancers were, in fact, drag queens. A homosexual himself, Qasim masked his grief by participating in the free and loose erotic lifestyle espoused by many of the club's attendees. For the first time in his life, he enjoyed many sexual liaisons with multiple willing men but never allowed himself to form attachments with any of his partners.
During the club's New Year's Eve celebration to ring in 1956, a muscular blond German named Siegfried Tahl came into the club. Seigfried was thirty-five years old and was a broken man. Like Qasim, Siegfried's family had perished during the war and he had been wandering about adrift, attempting to do what good he might be able to. 
Qasim did his best to comfort Siegfried while maintaining an air of detachment. Siegfried either did not notice or ignored Qasim's veneer of coldness and stuck around after closing time to assist his newfound friend. Siegfried would come in to help Qasim close every night thereafter.
On the night of Qasim's fifty-sixth birthday, after everyone else had gone, Qasim asked Siegfried in a voice cool as a cucumber if he would like to give him oral sex. The handsome German tried to pretend to be cool as well, but his trembling voice and shaking hands gave him away. Nonetheless, he performed admirably.
Qasim found himself unable to hide his true affection for his affable companion. As the two men embraced following the encounter, a group of thugs broke in, beat the lovers brutally, and set the bar on fire.
Ulrich Von Brandt, Samantha Zuniga, Mistress Kali, Mistress Nyx, Ahmose, and Rhodie happened to be in Munich on that night. They sensed the destructive desires of the thugs and the needful energies of their victims and hurried to assist in any way they could.
By the time the Gamma Iridians arrived, Qasim and Siegfried were both bleeding and burned. They were able to save Siegfried when Mistress Kali allowed him to drink her blood, but Qasim was beyond help. Mistress Nyx, Rhodie, and Ahmose tracked down the perpetrators of the heinous act, served them a well-deserved beating, and dragged them to the startled police.
The Gamma Iridians assisted the grieving Siegfried in obtaining cremation for his lost companion. Siegfried accompanied his benefactors to the United States, Qasim's ashes tucked into his luggage in a small, silver box.
Siegfried accepted the group's offer to become one of their vampire bodyguards. He always hoped that he could one day bring about justice for Qasim's death. 
A special surprise awaits Siegfried in a future adventure.

“You have been looking at me as a hungry dog looks at a steak. You may as well enjoy me, and if I enjoy myself, perhaps we’ll do it again.” --Qasim Qays (in a voice cool as you please.)

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