Weekend Writing Warriors 13 October 2019 (ER, FA, LGBT, SF)

Weekend Writing Warriors
At that moment, a very tall man with long brown hair, a neat beard and mustache, iridescent green eyes and a glowing green jewel in the middle of his forehead strode casually into the room. With one long finger, he pressed a button with a large X engraved in the center. The room stopped shaking as the engines powered down. The man had an amused look on his face as he extended his hand to Leah.
“Welcome to Castle Necros,” he greeted. “I am your host, the Marquis Ciaran Kabral.”
“Leah La Sirene, witch queen of New Orleans,” Leah returned in a subdued voice. “I do humbly apologize for nearly launching your tower into space. I am not quite sure how it happened.”
~Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press~
This snippet is part of Team Netherworld's current WIP, Castle Necros, which is due for release on Kindle on Halloween 2019. Our hapless adventurers have found themselves in a foreboding dark tower which began making preparations for takeoff when they entered. Castle Ne…

Even Curmudgeons With Dead Libidos Love Erotica

Image copyright Kelsey Wroten

The Naughty Netherworld blog has been seeing a lot of action this month between the A to Z blogging challenge and the usual Weekend Writing Warriors posts. But for anyone who has ever (or still does) written fan fiction, erotica, or erotic fan fiction, I think you'll get a kick out of this piece!
I'm 54 and done with sex. I have the libido of roadkill and I don't want it back. However, I am the editor and one of the collaborators for some truly filthy Kindle smut involving such things as shapeshifting aliens, vampires, werewolves, and kick-ass female gargoyles. It's over the top and it's a lot of fun to write. If it ever ends up making any money, that's icing on the cake.
True confession: My first erotic fan fictions were bad self-insert jobs involving a 25-ish year old Mary Sue version of me who had perfect blonde hair, blue eyes with long lashes, and, of course, a stereotypical hourglass figure. How could Mr. Spock resist such a glamour queen? 
Later, my Mary Sue hooked up with Joe Hardy (as played by Shaun Cassidy on the 1977 Hardy Boys TV show). By the time I moved on to Bon Scott, I ditched Mary Sue for a more realistic yet older and far less awkward version of me. Also, I was pretty sure I was going to hell in a ham biskit for the thoughts I was having about the man, but I couldn't help myself.
These days, if Bon were suddenly to be returned to the land of the living, I'd be asking him if he'd rather have a nice cup of coffee or tea and imploring him to forgive the ghastly mess that is my work area. He'd probably have to get a hotel room to spend the night in, though, because the couch is my bed.
Oh, how the mighty (or maybe just the lonely and horny) have fallen!


(Yes, I ship them)
Copyright Kelsey Wroten


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