A to Z Blogging Challenge 2019: Yaen Walton

Image by M Jurcevic from Pixabay
Yaen (L) and her stepmother/lover Fatimah (R)

Yaen Walton is a vampire. She is the stepdaughter of Tobias Walton and his wife, Fatimah, and the stepsister of Sonny Walton.
Yaen was the stepdaughter of Deror "King" Kader, an Israeli arms dealer, daughter of his late wife Tia. When Yaen was twenty-three, the Gamma Iridian who would become her stepmother and later lover entered Kader's complex. Sensing Yaen's fear and desire, the powerful Gamma Iridian, who called herself Fatimah, set out to rescue the young woman.
Fatimah was one of a group of Gamma Iridians who had come to Earth when civilization was young. She took the form of an Ekkimu, a type of vampire native to the Middle East. Among the powers she developed upon taking this form was the ability to grant immortality to those with whom she exchanged blood via a potent antivirus in her own blood.
Fatimah posed as a power-hungry social climber and seduced Kader into marrying her. On her wedding night, as her new husband lay snoring in a drunken stupor, she found her new stepdaughter and told her the truth.
Fatimah turned Kader and his lackeys over to the authorities after meeting and seducing Tobias Walton, who was in Israel on business. She granted Tobias immortality in exchange for his marrying her and providing for her and her stepdaughter/lover.
Neither Tobias nor Sonny Walton minded that Fatimah and Yaen had a powerful romantic attachment to one another. They enjoyed their new immortality and the exuberant sex that Fatimah and Yaen provided them as well.

“My Fatimah played the role of my previous stepfather’s devoted head wife. In the meantime, she and I fell very deeply in love. Once Kader was safely behind bars, we were free to do as we pleased. We met Tobias while modeling at a jewelry exhibition. He made the very sensible decision to marry my beautiful and noble Mummy Love, and we have been happy.” --Yaen Walton

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