A to Z Blogging Challenge: Bernie Jaskolski

Image by Contescu Teodor from Pixabay

Cute and nerdy Bernie Jaskolski may look innocent, but beneath his cherubic exterior lies a mind filled with smutty scenarios which delight his dirty darling Ahmose Ike and all his naughty friends at Climax Castle. But it wasn’t always this way.
Bernard Gearalt Jaskolski was born on January 1, 1997. In school, he was favored by the girls, who found a non-threatening companion in the friendly, fun-loving boy who preferred boys. Unfortunately for Bernie, his popularity with the girls made him unpopular with the guys, who picked on him all the way through school.
Bernie was delighted to be invited to Climax Castle on Halloween 2018. He thought he would only be attending as an observer, but when he met Ahmose Ike, it was love at first sight, and, later, love at first bite. To Bernie’s delight, Ahmose turned out to be the kind of sexy vampire whom he once thought only existed in his hottest fantasies.
Bernie also befriended the adorable and rather lost Christy Ferdinand on the night of the party. The two have been bosom companions ever since.

“Girl, you need a friend to keep you out of trouble,” Bernie mused as he repositioned Christy so she’d be less likely to get a crick in her neck. “Well, I guess it’s good old Bernie J to the rescue. Leave it to me to bring home strays every time.”

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