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This naughty tale introduces spoiled rich boy turned good guy Max Bancroft and the sweet and sexy Gamma Iridian strippers, Jewel and Krystal. These extraterrestrial good bad girls show Max an out-of-this-world hot time, and he learns a few important lessons about love and friendship in the course of their lusty tutelage. 
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Weekend Writing Warriors 7 April 2019 (ER, LGBT, PA, RO)

Maria and Robert sat on a blanket on the football field set. There was a picnic basket beside them, and each held a glass of wine, which they clinked together when the stage lights came on.
“Here’s to 10 years of marriage!” Maria said cheerfully.
“Yes, here we are, back where it all began, at our old alma mater,” Robert said. “I don’t think anything has changed about this place.”
Out of the shadows on one side of the stage strode Christy and Samantha, wearing their beautiful formal gowns. From the other side of the stage strode Ahmose, Bernie, and Ulrich, Ulrich in his gold lam√© suit, Bernie in a tuxedo, and Ahmose in tight leather pants and a leather vest. Christy and Samantha sat down beside Maria, and Ahmose and Bernie sat to either side of Robert while Ulrich massaged his newest conquest’s shoulders.
“Ugh, you are sooo right about that!” Ulrich declared melodramatically. “But if you think it’s bad, you should see what it’s like for a vampire in this dull burg!”

~Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press~

This snippet is from the latest in the Carnal Invasion Saga: Carnal Invasion XI: Good Sports. This installment is due for release on April 17, 2019.


  1. The conceit of a movie/TV set inside a novel caught my attention. It heightens the tension about what's real and what isn't.

    1. The Climax Castle bunch has a tendency not only to break the fourth wall but completely obliterate it. They aren't real thespians, although they do enjoy role play!

  2. The stage is set . . . I wonder what kind of drama is about to play out.

    1. Knowing Ulrich and Company, something which isn't fit for polite company! ;-)

  3. Interesting snippet. Makes me intrigued to know more.

  4. Interesting characters you've created and I'm intrigued by this last sentence.

    1. Thank you. I thought it embodied Ulrich's over-the-top melodramatic personality fairly well.

  5. That last sentence is quite the hook! :-)


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