A to Z Challenge 2019: Gamma Iridians

Gamma Iridians are shape-shifting aliens whose true form is that of a gelatinous amoeboid with multiple pseudopods. They originate from the 10th planet of Gamma Iridon, a red giant star located in the direct center of the Winter Triangle.
Gamma Iridians are extremely adaptable. However, class M planets force them to retain one main shape while on the planet's surface. Maintaining this shape consumes a great deal of energy. The most readily available and powerful source of energy on Earth is erotic energy. This is why Gamma Iridians copulate frequently and with multiple partners.
Gamma Iridians are intelligent and have highly developed telekinetic abilities. They are, however, easily distracted by the promise of erotic energy, and have a tendency to be naive. Humans who have experience dealing with Gamma Iridians find them easy to recognize. Their curiously literal and sometimes long-winded ways of expressing themselves give them away to the canny observer.

“You’ll have to forgive my darling Kali. She’s very committed to her cause, and sometimes her zeal overwhelms her. Also, she forgets how intimidating she can appear to the uninitiated. To put things a little less crudely, she wishes this new elemental hybrid to have the finest of influences upon its genetics. There is something very special about you, Robbie. Not only are you strikingly handsome, but you are also gentle and genuine, and your eyes sparkle like jewels. Your love for Miro has brought out the elemental influence in your genetic makeup. Kali became a bit bossy upon seeing your true glory. Unfortunately, we must be quick in order to take advantage of the transformative powers of the reproductive protoplasm from Kali’s gonad." --Mistress Nyx, Gamma Iridian General

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