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A to Z Challenge 2019: Rhodie

Image by Dina Dee from Pixabay

Samantha Zuniga's bodyguard and lover Rhodie is a tough-as-nails tattooed goth martial arts expert, but it wasn't always this way.
Ipatiy "Rhodie" Rhodes is a Japanese-Caucasian-Latina vampire who was born March 20, 1919, in Guadalajara, Mexico to a Latino-Caucasian father and a Japanese mother. Rhodie and her parents moved to the United States when she was two years old. Her parents worked as migrant farmers, and Rhodie's father found other, less legal ways to bring in income during prohibition. Rhodie's father was killed while running liquor on March 7, 1927.
Rhodie and her mother were brought to the Manzanar concentration camp in September of 1942. Rhodie's mother was impregnated by a guard and died from toxemia during her eighth month of pregnancy. The baby, a girl whom Rhodie named Angelica, died after just one day.
Rhodie was sexually abused by the guards and ended up in the infirmary following a botched abortion. Like Ahmose Ike, she was rescued by Samantha Zuniga and Ulrich von Brandt and accepted the gift of eternal life from Mistress Kali in order to help her rescuers continue fighting for justice for as long as possible.
When Rhodie met Christy Ferdinand on Halloween 2018, the pair formed a powerful bond and have remained together since.
Rhodie is a kick-ass badass who would put herself on the line to help the downtrodden without a second thought.


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